This Weekend in Street Art: Banksy Gets Modified

Reader Neb checked out the OUT SIDE ART Block Party yesterday and was not impressed:

Your $5 donation, although for a good cause, is purely profiting of Banksy, whose work was locked away behind bars.  Ironic.

The only way to get past the fence was if you were “Artists and Staff.”  Therefore this was the best shot of the work Neb could get:

Artist DYNO uploaded a few shots of his and other's work to his tumblr.  You can read all about his experience here:

OUT SIDE ART Block Party Promises to "Finish" The Banksy "Mural"

Today Uptown Almanac is partnering with the Make a Wish Foundation to make Blah's wish come true:

Chris Orr was asking me to post about this on his radio show last week.  At the time, I figured I'd wait until the week of the event to post it up, but I don't want to disappoint our audience.

You can find out more about the event on its facebook page (warning: facebook just redesigned their event page and it looks awful and just reading it makes my eyes bleed).  There will be a bunch of DJs and people “finishing” the mural that Banksy “started.”  As reader Milu noticed, local artist Chor Boogie already started:

See y'all there!

In case you aren't Banksyied out, here are a few pieces we missed

Exhausted yet?  Well, according to his website, there was an Alcatraz piece and a Hawk Hill Osama Bin Laden that we missed:

I think this last one, “You Concrete Me,” is from Chicago but whatever. 

(All photos lifted from Banksy’s website)

Blinged Out Banksy Rat Endorses Zipcar

Before you all unsubscribe from this blog, I think it is safe to say that this wraps up our coverage of Banksyfever2010.

Not sure if this is Banksy or Blek le Rat but it was found on 24th and Valencia.  Reader Devan Brill tells us the rat is no more:

Did you guys catch this Banksy at 24th and Valencia? Sadly, it got whitewashed sometime this weekend. It looked like this photo last Thursday.

I wouldn’t have even remembered the pic was on my phone except I saw the Zipcar sign without the rat underneath it when I was leaving for work this morning and then passed by Zipcar doing some type of weird marketing thing in front of my building this morning on Market.

A quick flickr search indicates that Devan might have been the only one to snap a pic of this rat, so it clearly wasn’t up for long.

"Banksy" Tagged

I’m confused guys.  On one hand, a piece of “historic” graffiti has now been trashed.  On the other hand, it’s just graffiti getting tagged over.  Should I feel bad for Banksy?  Should I feel bad for Brad Pitt who now won’t be able to pay $600,000 to remove this piece of Valencia Street history and bring it to LA?  Should I feel bad for SF graffiti artists who are getting upstaged by immigrant graffiti labor?

Is Otter jealous of Banksy’s fame and knew he could get some mad press coverage by acting out?  Maybe he’s just the ultimate hater.

Anyways, I like bikes.  I like Banksy.  I like Otters.  It’s a match made by God himself.

(photo by Sean Reynolds)

UPDATE: Rachel in the comments informs us that Otter defaced the one in Chinatown as well.  Not going to lie, I kinda like what he did there.

NON-STOP BANKSY COVERAGE BROS!: Fifth and Sixth "Banksy" Found

Okay, I know you all are saying “this bullshit is getting old” but Laughing Squid needs me to do some research so that lazy fuck can just rip off this blog without credit.  Again.  Even anonymous dumbasses on are better at giving us hat tips than that fool.  ANYWAYS.

Love Letters to SF found this one yesterday.  Looks like Banksy is now on Twitter.  I kid, it’s just a bird.

Also, from the inbox:

there is a new banksy piece up at Haight and Belvedere above Villains Vault, across from Wasteland. Picture of a rat and a line that says “this is where I draw the line.” Went up last night.

A simple twitter search corroborates, but no pics as of yet.  I’d go take a picture myself, but I hate leaving the Mission and my kitchen smells like a nasty combination of Mexican food and frat house, so I gotta bust out a mop.  (Update: Banksy Prints has the scoop on the Haight piece)

Anyways, I’m pretty convinced that these are not Banksy.  First off, a “Banksy” went up in Seattle two nights ago, and he can’t be in two places at once.  Some have suggested that he emails plans to people, which seems feasible, but if he’s not the one taking the risk and holding the spraypaint, I don’t really see how you can credit it to Banksy.  To make a completely ludicrous comparison, we don’t say Ben Folds’ cover of “Bitches Ain’t Shit” is Dr. Dre’s work.

Fourth Banksy Found at 9th and Howard

Okay, I’m getting too sucked into this game.  Sorry.  I just like his shit.

(photo by jeanhackman)

I’ll post an update if a better pic ever surfaces.  Here is a better one by Todd Bigalow:

View Larger Map

I was going to make a post making fun of people flocking to photograph the new Banksy piece but, ummm, yeah

Don’t get me wrong, I got a chubby over this too, but do we really need a news van?  They took 4 takes of some not-fashionable (in Mission terms) walking out of the Curiosity Shoppe.  It was wicked intense.

Also, two hipsta chicas rolled up in a 90’s SUV (earth day DANG) and started taking pictures with no less than 5 different cameras.  One of them even looked like it used manual film.  I feel like if you are going to photograph Banksy, you shouldn’t be doing it with technology (excluding Hipstamatic and Razrs, of course), since that is ‘contrary to his ideals’ and ‘fucking lame.’

Anyways, go over and check it out.  It’s fantastic.