OUT SIDE ART Block Party Promises to "Finish" The Banksy "Mural"

Today Uptown Almanac is partnering with the Make a Wish Foundation to make Blah's wish come true:

Chris Orr was asking me to post about this on his radio show last week.  At the time, I figured I'd wait until the week of the event to post it up, but I don't want to disappoint our audience.

You can find out more about the event on its facebook page (warning: facebook just redesigned their event page and it looks awful and just reading it makes my eyes bleed).  There will be a bunch of DJs and people “finishing” the mural that Banksy “started.”  As reader Milu noticed, local artist Chor Boogie already started:

See y'all there!

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What a crock of shit; that mural was finished by Banksy. I spoke to the security guard, Paul; he spoke to Banksy and the guy who was with him that night. They lied about their reason for being there, but they didn’t haul ass before they finished what they set out to do.
Of course, if you chop down the trees on the far side of the building, the mural will look incomplete…….