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Doc's Clock Unveils "Drinking Pants" For When You Can Barely Drag Yourself Out of Bed to Get Drunk

Doc’s Clock, the Mission District’s premiere establishment for people who consider putting on pants “effort,” has released a new line of sweatpants for our quarantine-era in-house benders. Dubbed “Drinking Pants,” these fashionable athletic sweatpants are tailor-made for downward dogging your life straight into the gutter. And best of all? Should you find yourself too cocktail timed to function, you don’t even need to change before passing out.

A pair of these degenerate duds will set you back just $35. You can order online to have them shipped right to your door, or pick them up in-bar and pick up additional liquid supplies while there.

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You hade me at “downward dogging your life straight into the gutter” lol. Maybe I’ll just buy a pair of these! - [edmonton parging](

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