New Banksy in SF?

Flickr user caughtyouhoney uploaded this shot this morning.  Not sure where it was taken, but my guess would be Chinatown (see right hand side).

What does everyone think?


Update: Apparently one popped up on Valencia St. over Little Otsu.  Unfortunately the only pic of it online is a stupid ass hipstamatic print. (Credit Coming in Fifth / hat tip Spots Unknown)

Update 2: Call Me Weeze says “paint still drying

(photo by hodgepodgereel)

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Exit Through the Gift Shop deserves the press. It blew my mind when I saw it on Tuesday.

The Chinatown one’s on Commercial @ Grant.

The Peace and Love Dr. picture that is uploaded was actually shot by me this morning on my way to work. And yes it is a commercial and grant.

to see the street video check it out at

Kat Cuffe

The photo posted by flicker user caughtyouhoney was taken by me this morning on my way to work. I was so stoked to see the new Banksy art in our lovely city. Also stoked that my photo was the one that started the Banksy fire about town!

check out more at

Kat Cuffe