Possible Banksy Spotted on 18th


I heard some rumors that the infamous Banksy of the “Anti-Totalitarianism, Anti-capitalism, Pacifism, Anti-War, Anarchism, Atheism, Anti-Fascism” movements has showed up in the Mission.  Looks possible.  I guess it’s only a matter of time before art collectors start roaming around the Mission for walls to purchase.

UPDATE: From our friends at Londonist: “It just doesn’t match his usual style - this is fuzzier…more blurred. And there’s no gimmick or social commentary to it. I’m 90% confident that this is by someone else.”  Still, I love this stencil regardless!

(photo by sangroncito)

Comments (6)

Yeah, that doesn’t look like anything Banksy’s ever done. Next!

that most certainly does look like a Bansky

c’mon, 18th and WHAT? i havent seen that door so……….

18th between Guerrero and Dolores

it’s gone, painted over a month or two ago :(