Blinged Out Banksy Rat Endorses Zipcar

Before you all unsubscribe from this blog, I think it is safe to say that this wraps up our coverage of Banksyfever2010.

Not sure if this is Banksy or Blek le Rat but it was found on 24th and Valencia.  Reader Devan Brill tells us the rat is no more:

Did you guys catch this Banksy at 24th and Valencia? Sadly, it got whitewashed sometime this weekend. It looked like this photo last Thursday.

I wouldn’t have even remembered the pic was on my phone except I saw the Zipcar sign without the rat underneath it when I was leaving for work this morning and then passed by Zipcar doing some type of weird marketing thing in front of my building this morning on Market.

A quick flickr search indicates that Devan might have been the only one to snap a pic of this rat, so it clearly wasn’t up for long.