Third Banksy Found? (It's real this time)

UPDATE: 4th found.

This one is by Dolores Park:

(photo by Rafer)

Also, there’s apparently one at 9th and Howard, but no pics yet.  Sounds like someone might have caught a real-life sighting?

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Also 9th and Howard

There were a few people taking pictures when I was there. I’m sure they’ll show up online soon enough.

There is one at Haight and Belvedere above Villains Vault across the street from Wasteland. Says something like “and this is where I draw the line,” with a rat. Someone go take a photo.

I walked all the way around Dolores Park today and couldn’t find this one. Anyone know what street it’s on?

Seriously, I also walked around Dolores Park looking for this one and couldn’t find it anywhere.
Now it looks like a 5th may have been spotted by @loveletterstosf -

Please give x streets. Please.

I’m @rafer. I don’t know where they got Delores Park. It’s about 4 blocks east of there on Sycamore just West of Mission, on the side of the new Cafe Prague. Sycamore is the same alley that the Elbow Room is on, this is the other end of the block.