I was going to make a post making fun of people flocking to photograph the new Banksy piece but, ummm, yeah

Don’t get me wrong, I got a chubby over this too, but do we really need a news van?  They took 4 takes of some not-fashionable (in Mission terms) walking out of the Curiosity Shoppe.  It was wicked intense.

Also, two hipsta chicas rolled up in a 90’s SUV (earth day DANG) and started taking pictures with no less than 5 different cameras.  One of them even looked like it used manual film.  I feel like if you are going to photograph Banksy, you shouldn’t be doing it with technology (excluding Hipstamatic and Razrs, of course), since that is ‘contrary to his ideals’ and ‘fucking lame.’

Anyways, go over and check it out.  It’s fantastic.

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That’s hilarious. I just walked by an hour ago and took pics of people taking pics from across the street. New stop for the duck bus tours, or whatever.

I was totally into that thing I wrote about an hour ago, but now other people are into it, so I’m totally over it.

Saw some dewd with a non-ironic pony tail standing on a van taking pics of it about an hr ago. It was like he saw god.

And with that, Amnesia peaked.

is it bansky doing this stuff? Or just some advertising people doing it on his behalf for the film? what’ddya think?

A Banksy-American Appeal joint venture, I can only hope.