Third Banksy Found

I’m calling it.  Found on Lexington Street, this screams of Banksy.

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Beautiful. And the Indian too.
People argue that he’s promoting his film.
Guy is too smart and ethical for that.
That’s right, ethical.
He throws his own shows, pays for everything, even admission for all.
Nothing is for sale at these shows.
Does that sound like he’s in it just for the profit?
I wonder how many idgits complain and make statements without even having seen the movie or read his books.
I’m appalled at people. I’m surprised. I thought San Francisco was different.

Banksy doesn’t care what you think because you have a tiny mind.
He just wants to show people art without it being intermixed with commerce.
“hiding behind the face of annonymity.” pfssht. what would you do if you painted the freaking palestinian wall? Scream your name from the rooftops? To make money? To become famous?
uh, yeah.