Sad Times

Sad Times

Changing Neighborhood Demographics Led to Viracocha's Demise

Viracocha is done. The combined home-decor shop and venue, which sits on the corner of Valencia and 21st Street, held a meeting last night to announce the news. According to SF Weekly, owner Jonathan Siegel explained the closure as the result of a changing neighborhood:

The main reason we are shutting down is things have changed. We’ve gone from 100 people a night, down to 30 people, we’ve even had three bands play and five people showed up,” said Siegel. “The demographics have changed. The people that live around the vicinity have changed. They’re more interested in going out to get drunk and talk with their friends. And then it also has a lot to do with the artists being pushed out and going over to Oakland.

The inability to make the space profitable comes in spite of significant work last year bringing the venue up to code, in addition to the securing of an entertainment permit this past September—making the once underground venue totally aboveboard.  

[Photo: WedgeRadio]

Sad Times

Tireless Thirst Quencher, Cold Beer Cold Water, to Depart for Warmer Waters

Nothing gold can stay. It is with a heavy heart, one laden with sorrow, that we bring you this news: Cold Beer, Cold Water (AKA “James”) is leaving us. The Dolores Park mainstay, who has brusquely quenched our varied thirst for years, is moving to Hawaii.

That this tragic news was first brought to our attention by the cheeriest person in the park, Hey, Cookie!, makes it no easier to swallow:

When reached for comment, CBCW confirmed the report, and told Uptown Almanac that his date of departure is the 11th of August. Cold Beer, Cold Water explained that his Hawaii expedition is, in essence, an exploratory one.

“I’m going to check it out and see if I like it. I’ll see what happens over there—it’s all hit and miss. […] If I like what I see I’ll stick around.”

It seems that Dolores Park isn’t as welcoming to CBCW as it used to be (although CBCW definitely ran into some trouble in the old park, as pictured above)—an ice cold reality which played a “small factor” in his decision to move. When asked about his place of soon-to-be-former business, CBCW said “it’s not pleasant to have police there every minute.” CBCW continued, “[the police] are over there every day—bugging people for trampolines, playing music, smoking cigarettes. Just harassing people.”

And while maybe we should have seen this move coming (that damn Hawaiian shirt he was always wearing!!!), we can’t say it doesn’t break our hearts a little anyway.

Fare thee well, Cold Beer Cold Water. May the warm waters of the Pacific welcome your refreshing soul with open arms.