Cold Beer Cold Water Launches Bicycle Delivery Unit

Note: a previous version of the post insinuated CBCW stole the bicycle.  That was 100% a joke that didn't go over a well.  Our apologies for any confusion.

Everyone's favorite surly bartender is now taking a new bike and using it to zip between Dolores and Mission bodegas, making our $3 PBRs just that much colder when they reach our lips.  And while this is cool and all, I can't help but wait for the day he starts dressing like a PCP-addled Hells Angel and slings beer from the back of a sputtering hog.

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Kevmo ,James did not steal that bike, he even has a paper receipt. Please don’t be so so down on james in the Uptown almanac. The man is very humble,very sweet and works to feed his gambling addictions. I will always support a hustler,working to feed their addictions then just some person straight up asking me for change. Please take the time to meet james(other then for PBR) introduce yourself’s to him. The man has been thru alot, And I am very happy to see him when we are at the park. P.D.Bird

james is awesome, the only thing that would make him better would be if he could somehow team up with the pokkadottie girls

Also I think we should have a roll call on the killer places we have seen CBCW James…Il start the convo with a few of my Favorites(many he has asked me ahead of time if I think people will desire his services) 1.outside lands(phish show) 2.HS bluegrass(even this last sunday)3.ft. mason during fleet week 4.outside Giants games(selling beer and “fake”hats) 5.Hippie hill in GGP…I have about 10 other really good ones,but i’ll let others chine in. cheers..

I second PD birds comments that it is not cool that you claim that James stole that bike. Joke or no joke the comment is slanderous and you should remove or edit this post. Further, there is no need for him to produce “a paper receipt” you should be the one offering proof to back up your statement. Claiming that he stole the bike without any evidence “as a joke” is dickish, posting it on your blog is legally actionable. Take it down.