Blue Velvet Meets Real Life

The other day I witnessed what could possibly be the best real life adaptation of Blue Velvet ever accidentally performed:

Counter Guy: Sorry James, we don't sell singles of Heineken, only Corona.

Cold Beer, Cold Water: Well too bad, I need a Heineken for a customer.

CG: Okay, five bucks.

CBCW: Five bucks?! Come on man…

CG: Why don't you just buy the six pack and sell the rest?

CBCW: Are you kidding me?! No one in the park wants to drink a fucking Heineken.

After another minute of arguing and watching the counter guy trying to put the Heineken back in the cooler, James ended up paying the $5 demanded for the single bottle.  That's what I call service.

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next thing you know, someone is going to go on a “joyride”….

Dependable as fuck. That’s why James( cold beer,no water) has been such a succsess. We have even had him grab other stuff from the store. always aims to please with a

Now that is some folklore!

HIS NAME IS JAMES?! The illusion is shattered.

That is beautiful. I’ve seen that movie at least 20 times. Is anyone David Lynch’s friend on teh facebooks? I bet this would make his week, even if he doesn’t know the history of CBCW.

Miles looks hella adorable in this photo.