World Series Coverage

Party Like It's 2010

I understand that football is for brutes and savages and beneath San Francisco's sensibilities, but now that the 49ers are going to see the play-offs for the first time since 2002 and actually beating formidable opponents in late-season showdowns, can we storm the streets and burn mattresses and dance on buses and light fireworks and scream until we go hoarse like it's November 1st, 2010 all over again if they win even ONE game? Yes, that would be nice.

[Photo by Travis Britton]

Giants Tribute Mural Goes Up Outside of Kilowatt

This rather confusing celebratory mural just popped up on the corner of 16th and Albion.  On one hand, it pays tribute to the team that just delivered the first World Series championship to the Giants franchise in over fifty years.  But on the other hand, it pulls an Oh San Francisco… move by noting that they are not the “World” champs:

Thanks to the mural, I now know that FREE TIBET! is a country that isn't included in the World Series.

My roommate summed this mural up best, “It's like the had leftover paint so they decided to be smug assholes.”

Even if they are kinda toolish, at least they included Lou Seal.

Gotta Hand it to SFDPW

Man, after looking at the streets late last night, I was convinced I'd have to write off biking around the city for at least a week.  But here we are this morning and everything looks pretty good.  Hats off.

(I know this blog is more about snark than accolades, but I wanted to end this series of posts on a positive note.  I mean we won the fucking World Series, so fuck people who drive their cars through crowds.)

Car Barrels Through Crowd of People Celebrating Giants Victory

“Hot Carl” just linked us this video in the comments.  From youtuber cwk145:

At about 11:49pm I started filming this “celebration” bon-fire (And other random acts of civil disobedience) in the middle of the intersection when (at the 2:05 mark) suddenly I heard screaming and the sound of people's bodies being hit by metal as the engine of a car roars. I turned around just in time to see headlights and a fender speeding right towards me, I moved quickly then watched in horror as it drove straight through the crowd of people striking many of them and dragging some right through the fire itself! At least two were taken to the hospital that I'm aware of, I just barely missed being hit myself. Then before the car even stops, the crowd goes completely ape shit on it and the driver, smashing them up until a wave of cops storm down Mission St. and shut down the entire intersection.

Let's go Giants…? 

Mission Hiptard Lights Trashcan Fire As Dude Gets Beat 15 Feet Away

If this doesn't tell you everything about the ethnic divide in the Mission, I don't what would.  This Mission princess was standing there lighting a giant transcan fire in the dead center of 24th and Shotwell while some kid got beat up by a half dozen or so guys for being a part of the wrong gang a few feet away.

"Cold Beer, Cold Water" Turns Up to Riot

Someone give this man the businessman of the year award.  There I was, watching people jumping over a trash fire in front of Thrill of the Grill, police coming up Valencia from 17th and flanking up 16th, when all the sudden I hear “COLD BEER!  COLD WATER!” booming over the crowd.  Sure enough, I turn around, and the legend himself is forking over two ice-cold Budweisers for $5.

This dude literally doesn't give a shit about anything around him.  After making the sale, he turns around, walks up to the bonfire, makes a gesture with his head that says “oh, that's nice,” and immediately goes back to flipping beer for three times their market value.

Shortly, after I took these snaps, the riot cops began running at the crowd and Valencia Street turned into the running of the bulls.  At one point I looked to my left and saw CB/CW running away from the advancing police with all the other cool kids.

My life is complete.

A Birds-eye View of 21st and Mission

Monica Lee had the best seat in the house:

A car hit the gas and drove through a crowd that was surrounding a bonfire (a mattress was dragged into the street and set on fire). People were pushed onto the hood of the car and the crowd started to jump on the car and two guys, as seen in the photo, tried to grab the driver of the car.

No one really knows what happened to the driver, but needless to say, the car was 'effed up':

(Check the first shot out at a larger size.)

UPDATE: Video.

Mission Rioters Defeated By Muni

Presumably high off the thrill of climbing atop of a firetruck on 22nd, people decided to storm the roof of a 14 Mission.  Within minutes, a soberish bystander climbed up the bus and individually talked everyone down since, you know, being blitzed on top of an electric bus is a pretty good way to get yourself killed.

After being talked off the roof, I figured people would move onto more noble pursuits like throwing 40ozs at police, but instead people just pried open the bus doors to take it over.  The driver threw up her hands and walked to the sidewalk as the guys stormed the bus.  With the driver off the side, Nikola Tesla sitting up front tried to start the engine.  Again, not very smart considering the entire reason the bus got stuck here in the first place was the power was cut.

After a few minutes of people faux-fulfilling their dreams of being a bus driver, they realized the bus wasn't going anywhere.  Still without any measurable success in a fight against an inanimate object, some guys were just like “fuck it, let's burn it!”  So a couple of guys lit the box on fire and tossed it under the middle of the bus.  Of course, that didn't work out so hot either, and after a few squabbles with bystanders not interested in burning the bus, the fire department showed up and pretty much put an end to the fight against a 14 Mission.

And with the police advancing, I walked down the street where another bus sat abandoned by its driver.  Inside the bus, two men sat waiting patiently to get a ride home, completely unamused by the happenings outside their window.  What a difference a block makes.