Giants Tribute Murals Popping Up Around Town

I guess it was only a matter of time before muralists got into the celebratory spirit.  Mark Bode, who happens to have a cracked-out website, painted the piece pictured above on Columbus at Powell.  Unfortunately, this crappy cameraphone pic shot from inside of a bus is the only complete shot of the mural, so we're all going to have to wait for some flickr friends to schlep up to North Beach to take a better photo for us.

Another unknown artist put this piece up on the side of a building on Geneva, just south of McLaren Park. Since it features Brian Wilson looking like he's about to stare an orgasm into a woman and a Japanimationed Lincecum, I'm going to have to deem it “good stuff.”

(Bonus!  Don't forget about Precita Eyes' “Vamos Gigantes” mural painted in 2007, which is almost impossible to really take in from the street.)

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Well I certainly never thought of the Giants as being anime characters until I saw these paintings. But I think if we throw in some robots and unnecessarily convoluted plot-twists, it could work.

Wow. Thanks for this.

Next up (in my dreams, people): the SF 2010 election recap.

Mural Edition.

Think of the faces – Gavin, Peskin, Daly…

Think of the epic battles. Parking, Homeless Crazies, Sit Lie, Happy Meals.

It doesn’t get better, muralists.


The great thing about the “Vamos Gigantes” mural is that, until bitch-ass taggers learn to fly, it is relatively safe from their depredations. Unlike these beauties.