Car Barrels Through Crowd of People Celebrating Giants Victory

“Hot Carl” just linked us this video in the comments.  From youtuber cwk145:

At about 11:49pm I started filming this “celebration” bon-fire (And other random acts of civil disobedience) in the middle of the intersection when (at the 2:05 mark) suddenly I heard screaming and the sound of people's bodies being hit by metal as the engine of a car roars. I turned around just in time to see headlights and a fender speeding right towards me, I moved quickly then watched in horror as it drove straight through the crowd of people striking many of them and dragging some right through the fire itself! At least two were taken to the hospital that I'm aware of, I just barely missed being hit myself. Then before the car even stops, the crowd goes completely ape shit on it and the driver, smashing them up until a wave of cops storm down Mission St. and shut down the entire intersection.

Let's go Giants…? 

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without knowing the context of the situation, i’m not sure your “Protip” applies. by way an example, what if the crowd was damaging his car (and worst yet, threatening the driver with bodily harm) just because the driver happened to be caught up in the wrong place (mission) at the wrong time (after WS victory)? in that situation, most people would just step on the gas and gotten the fuck out of there and justifiably so.

I’m pretty sure injuring and/or killing people who pose no threat is not justified under any circumstance.

I was on the roof of the same building as Monica, and captured this car driving through the crowd from above. That, and the ensuing violence, is one of the scarier things I’ve ever witnessed.
The car enters the frame just above the liquor store sign at 0:42.

Thug and mob mentality. Look at the idiots that were just burning shit. Who cares. I just wish there were some tasty hipsters under the wheels and throw in a couple of gang bangers for good measure.