World Series Coverage

One Man's Unique Stand Against SFPD

There I was, just hanging out at 22nd and Mission, waiting for us to raid Skechers USA Footwear Outlet so I cop me a hot pair of Shape-Ups or maybe some bath towels from Anna's, when the riot police came up Mission and ruined the fun.  As they began to occupy the intersection, one shirtless man stood in the front-lines resisting their presence.  “What the hell is that guy doing?” I thought to myself.  “Oh, that's a penis.”

16th, Valencia Turns Into High-Five Alley

Almost immediately after the Giants won the Series, I took off toward 16th and Valencia to see what was up back in my neighborhood.  Turned out to be pretty joyous at first: crowds storming 16th and Albion, high-fiving cars, Munis and even firefighters.  Sadly, SFPD took it upon themselves to repeatedly drive through the crowd and demand that everyone return to the sidewalk, which obviously only pissed everyone off.

However, at some point, SFPD recognized the futilities in trying to contain a mob of Giants fan was an incredibly stupid waste of time and took off.  Eventually another crowd gathered in front of Casanova and some drunk kid with dreadlocks dropped the fire escape so everyone could climb up to the roof.

SF Giants Win The World Series [Video From Civic Center]

Needless to say, I'm not regretting my decision to watch game 5 of the World Series outside of City Hall.  It was as close as you could get to the experience of watching the game in AT&T Park; even the entire crowd was on their feet the last 3 innings.  And when Brian Wilson finished the Rangers off?  Insanity.

Of course, to some, you need to tweet immediately after winning The Series: