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W. Kamau Bell Returns to Stage Werx This Weekend

Odds are, if you pay even the slightest attention to San Francisco's comedy scene, you already know who W. Kamau Bell is.  You know, the wickedly funny comedian who called the Bay Area his home for 15+ years.  But like so many other of SF's brightest stars, New York City, with its promises of a late-night show on FX produced by Chris Rock and other such worldly temptations, lured him away.

Fortunately for us, he's coming back to town before filming the third season of Totally Biased, taking over Stage Werx on 16th and Valencia this Saturday and Sunday for two appropriately late-night stand-up sets

The show is cheap ($15, or $25 if you want to pay for some sort of “VIP” treatment), miraculously not yet sold out, and it's in the Mission (which appeals to our cat-like tendencies).  Not bad for a guy critics (read: other bloggers) are likening to Dave Chappelle.

Anyway, if you haven't seen the show yet, there's a bunch of other clips on YouTube you can dig through, including this gem on racist advertising, interviewing stop & frisk victims, and his take on the Harlem Shake, which I won't link to because aaarrrrggghhhh.  Or just watch this bit below:


Benefit Show With Sweet Lineup to Support Capp St. Fire Victim

SF music maven and all-around sweetheart Ursula Boots was one of the three dozen people displaced in the December 29th Capp Street Fire.  A benefit concert is being held this Wednesday, February 20th (tomorrow) at Brick and Mortar Music Hall to help offset some of the setbacks the fire caused in this wonderful lady's life. Here's some more info about Ursula's situation: 

Rite Spot bartender (as well as ex Bottom of the Hill, Amoeba Records, SF Bay Guardian employee also former KFJC and KUSF dj) Ursula Boots aka Ursula Rodriguez house burned Dec. 29th in the 23rd and Capp Street fire after a neighbors house caught on fire then unfortunately burned a few of the houses near. A few days later Ursula was given 20 minutes to gather items from her fire and water damaged apartment but unbelievably someone broke into her car and lifted every last one of the few things she had been able to salvage. It's a shitty end to an especially shitty year for Ursula having lost everything in a house she'd lived in for 15 years in San Francisco. Finding a place and moving is tricky these days around here as rents have beyond sky-rocketed over what she was paying in her rent controlled apartment. There are so many long time San Francisco residents getting pushed out by the massive salaried Google, Facebook, Twitter big money accelerated rents beyond control (and reason). Ursula is essential to San Francisco and we need to do everything we can to help her get back on her feet as she tries to rebuild her life and find a home as well as show her that we care and support her in these exceedingly tough times.

Ursula has given so much to San Francisco over her countless years as a resident, in particular to the music community. 

If you cannot attend the event and/or are able to contribute more here please do. Ursula's paypal account is: Ursula Rodriguez at

There you have it, guys. Sliding-scale tickets available HERE

Local Photographer The Tens to Hold Photo Show at City Hall

If you've been reading Uptown or any other SF blog, you're undoubtedly familiar with talented local photographer The Tens. He's known for capturing shots of daily life in the gritty Tenderloin and Mid-Market areas, the city's beautiful views and architecture, the Giants, and the occasional laundromat

This Friday, he hosts the opening reception of his first photo show CASH FOR GOLD: Photos by the Tens in Supervisor Jane Kim's office - a fitting venue given his affinity for photographing the building. The reception runs from 4:30-6:30 pm (although we're told it might run a bit later than that), and offers free drinks, snacks, and the opportunity to purchase some of his work. He'll be donating 30% of all proceeds to the AIDS Legal Referral Panel, a local non-profit that provides free legal services to people with HIV/AIDS. 

The show will run for one month during Supervisor Kim's office hours, but do be sure to check out his blog and swing by on Friday evening. 

[For extra Tens-related fun,check out this post he wrote for us a few years back about his Halloween as Dolores Park's famous Cold Beer Cold Water]

Big Things Coming to The Cynic Cave

Food usually garners the most press in the Mission, so people tend to overlook the fact there's been a serious comedy renaissance going on around here.  Endgames Improv moved their weekly shows and classes to the neighborhood last fall, Comedy Bodega just hit the one year mark at Esta Noche, and the neighborhood now has it's own festival—never mind staples like The Business and Killing My Lobster, the monthly Funny Shits showcase at Rite Spot, Paco Romane's monthy at Make-Out Room, and whole host of other one-offs and special events.

So it makes sense that we're starting to see a mess of out-of-town talent swing through the neighborhood.  And next weekend's line-up of guests at The Cynic Cave—the 7-month-old weekly show hosted by Kevin O'Shea and George Chen in Lost Weekend's basement—is notably killer:

The Cynic Cave is proud to bring the Dan Mintz to the Cave. An up-and-coming one-liner comedian with a deadpan style, made famous as the breakout voice of Tina on the show Bob's Burgers. On Sunday, we're bringing the cult legend comedian Ron Lynch to the Cave in his first San Francisco performance in more than five years!

Unfortunately, I'll be out of town for a wedding-type thing and will have to miss it.  But if you're not out of town and don't have to miss it, might I recommend locking down your tickets now by either walking over to Lost Weekend Video or calling them at 415-643-3373?

OkCupid Launches IRL Happy Hours For People Who Hate Having Sex With Internet Randoms

Oh god. It's happening. OkCupid is tip-toeing into the realm of IRL - excuse me, “Away from Keyboard”, for you alpha nerds. Now, instead of trying to game your profile, go meet some 6s in-person and try to woo them with your sparkling cocktail conversation.

Just to crank the notch on pretentiousness, they've found a way to collaborate with the international tweed-conglomerate, Banana Republic. At least there will be vodka involved. So if you want to drown your singledom sorrows while meandering through mannequins draped in gingham, you can sign up with a relatively complete OkC profile, $5 (that's what the fee was for yours truly, please let us know in the comments if this price is individually skewed), and a panache for awkward self-deprecation. 

Conveniently scheduled before everyone's favorite low-expectation holiday, you can learn about the types of people attending (8 so far!) by the expertly gathered provided attendee data, like how often they meditate (80%, rarely and 20%, never) and the fact that 100% of them spend more money on food than clothes (unfortunate venue then, huh?). 

Don't even get us started on that event photograph. Feels like there was a stock image search with the keywords “uncomfortable social gathering” + “diverse twenty-somethings”. 

Whatever. See you there, sadfaces.  

Celebrate Uptown Almanac's 3rd Birthday By Drinking Hella Pabst and Laughing at Jokes!

Argh, we're turning 3 this week.  Three big years.  In blog years, that's practically 21, so we're about to enter a dark period of semi-functional alcoholism, self-loathing, (further) unemployment, multiple unfulfilling relationships that begin with “sup” texts, and a few career changes.


Typically blog birthdays go by without notice (because recognizing blog birthdays is the worst).  But, we love comedy.  And we definitely love drinking beer.  So why not celebrate by taking over the Roxie with some of our favorite comics and too many cans of PBR to count?

Here's the deal: this Thursday (the 17th!) at 9pm, we'll be throwing another one of our locally-sourced pop-up comedy nights.  And to make this one blog birthdayrific (aarrgghh), we're bringing back some of our very favorite comics from past shows (with some fresh blood for good measure).  Check the line-up:

  • Alex Koll (UA's 1st show, Comedy Central's “Live At Gotham”, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, SF SketchFest, Host of “ROFL” on Revision3)
  • Kevin Camia (UA's 2nd show, Comedy Central's “Live At Gotham”, voted “Best Up and Coming Comic” at Rooftop Aspen Comedy Festival)
  • Kevin O'Shea (UA's 2nd show, SF SketchFest, Bridgetown Comedy Festival)
  • Anna Seregina (SXSW, SF SketchFest, SF Comedy & Burrito Fest)
  • Jules Posner (UA's 3rd show,’s No Drink Minimum, SF SketchFest)
  • Colleen Watson (5 Funny Females tour, SF Punchline)

And Sean Keane will be hosting!

You can get your tickets online now (or wait and get 'em at the door).  As always, the show is $7 and bottomless PBR is included in the ticket price.  See you Thursday!

[Facebook (complete with further performer bios)]

REMINDER: Stand-Up Comedy + Free PBR at the Roxie Tonight!

For those of you who missed last week's announcement, our holiday comedy special (featuring hella free PBR!) is happening at 7:30 tonight at the Roxie.  You can still get your tickets online, or show up a little early and get them at the door.

(And for those of you who noticed our headliner switch-up, Ron Funches was just cast for a television show and had to be on set all week, so Drennon Davis, an ex-SF comic, semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing, and creator of “The Long Legs” on MTV's Liquid TV, is stepping in. It's going to be killer!)

A Very Uptown Almanac Locally-Sourced Pop-Up Holiday Comedy Special [Feat. Drennon Davis!]

It's that time of year again: the days are getting shorter, the night are cooler, it's snowing somewhere, and everyone gathers around the warm neon glow of their favorite non-profit theater to commence drinking their way through to spring.  So, naturally, we've gotten back with Pabst and The Roxie to throw a Christmas-Seanukkah-holiday clusterfuck of cheap comedy and free beer.  Oh yes.

For $7, you'll get killer and festive stand-up from seven of the Bay's best comics (plus Drennon Davis coming back in town from LA!), all the free PBR you can reasonably drink, Joey Devine in a dreidel costume, and prizes from Santa's stocking (including mouth wash and chocolate!).  What's more? Thanks to an exceptionally generous holiday donation from Pabst, all seven bucks will be donated directly to The Roxie's fundraiser to bring us even more original programming in the years to come, so you'll want to be there.

Here's what you need to know:

Here's who'll be making you laugh:

And Sean Keane (member of The Business, past contributor to McSweeney's and ESPN the Magazine, columnist for the East Bay Express) is back to host!

So, if you haven't already, get yer tickets now.


Get Weird Or Go Home Tonight At RVCA

We know this rain is totally bringing you down, and all you want to do tonight is sit at home and watch last week's episode of Start-Ups: Silicon Valley (OH-EM-GEE she live blogged her date with the nerd/model?! Pa-TEH-tic), but do yourself and your sanity a favor and head over to RVCA tonight for the release party for the next installment of you favorite zine, Get Weird Or Go Home II. From their Facebook event page:

Our beloved Get Weird Or Go Home zine is turning two this year and to celebrate we're throwing a bash with beers, babes, hot chick DJs, bands and lots of copies 4 sale! 
The special twist to the evening is that photos from Get Weird Or Go Home will be hanging in the RVCA store and FOR SALE. Unreal, right? No way! This is real life and we are just so excited to show-off our talented friends!

**~~**Spinning music to sway, grind and rub elbows to: DJ MY G and LISA DINAMITA**~~**
**~~**ROCK AND ROLL BANDS to wink at cuties to include: Grandma's Boyfriend ( and WARM SODA (!**~~**

The roll call of GWOGH's contributors reads like a who's-who of local photog's and creatives that have made a name for themselves already, plus I know *for a fact* that this event will be crawling with babes. Everywhere. Also, you're dying to know what “special shit” is.

See you there.

The Business Celebrates 5 Years of Killer Stand-Up at Cobb's

Hey, look, there's a lot going on Saturday.  There's Game 3 of the World Series, which you'll most certainly be watching.  Then your sorta/kinda friend Jim is hosting that Halloween party in his remarkably poorly-ventilated apartment.

But, let's be honest, you're weren't planning on showing up to the party until 11:30 anyway, and you're probably just going to sit around getting shitty until then.  So why not just drink in a comedy club instead?

Our friends at The Business—most certainly our favorite weekly comedy show in the city—are celebrating five big years showcasing some of the city's (and nation's) best up-and-coming comics.  How?  By taking over Cobb's Saturday night after The Game for one big-ass show.

Sean fills us in:

The Business likes things big. That’s why we are bringing big guests to a big theatre to have a big ol birthday party!!!!! Big!

This show is TOO BIG to hold at our home office at the Dark Room. Come join your Business regulars Alex Koll, Sean Keane, Bucky Sinister, Chris Thayer, Caitlin Gill and Mike Drucker at Cobb's Comedy Club, which should be ALMOST big enough for this show. Chris Garcia can't make it, but will be represented by friend of the Business Kevin Camia.

Plus, our special guests for the night know all about being big. Jamie and Sis DeWolf produce Tourettes Without Regrets, a showcase of the best cutting edge underground talent with the longest running freestyle battle and the largest slam on the West Coast. The fight club of underground art, SF Guardian named Tourettes the “Best in the Bay” in 2012.

Jamie and Sis are both guests we’ve wanted on The Business for some time, but when we heard that their birthdays are just days apart and fast approaching, we knew what had to be done. BIG BIRTHDAY SHOW.

Show is at 8pm sharp, and we'll have you out in time to enjoy any spooky late night plans you might have.

You can get your tickets right now, but if you read to the end of The Business's show preview, they have some secret magic words that can save you some big bucks.