Lonely Mission Hipsters Flood OkCupid Longing For Thanksgiving Love

An anonymous reader sent this screenshot Thanksgiving night, noting “my inbox has been blowing up with okcupid messages from girls with neck tattoos and pop's bar trash alllll day. I guess people are bored at home or just hella randy from fisting birds all day?”

Oh golly.

But we get it—the holidays are rough on us single folk. Parents nag you about producing a grandchild that they know ain't coming anytime soon, your wifed-up friends get even more couply, and instead of going home with your significant other after the company holiday party, you end up explaining to your boss that the xerox machine is in urgent need of repair and you'll be finding a new, awkward route to your desk for the next few weeks.

So here's to you, lovelorn boys and girls.  May your Christmas be filled with disappointing first dates and creepy internet stalkers.

(Also, please excuse our tardiness in reporting this holiday news—a busy weekend schedule of drinking beer and eating soggy potatoes means we're only just now reading our email.)

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Pop’s bar trash. Heh.

okcupid is the new coachsurfing.com people dont have somewhere to live so they okcupid and go home with strangers