SFC Podcast EP01: Finally, Comedy Pays Off...

San Francisco is a city of storytellers.  From our countless bloggers, novelists, videographers, journalists, comedians, musicians, photographers, poets, the crazy dudes on the corner, and everything in between, we've explored how to share our insights and experiences.  However, the rise of the podcast has seemed to have left San Francisco behind.  Despite all the brilliant programs dedicated to storytelling, there's no definitive podcast devoted to the Bay. Make no mistake: this isn't intended to be the definitive podcast, but, rather, a step in exploring the medium.

First up is Cameron Vannini, a young stand-up comedian who finds an oasis after wandering the dessert in search of physical satisfaction.

If you have a story you'd like to tell, be it funny, sad, hopeful, poetry, or just plain crude, drop us a line at sfcpod@gmail.com.  And, without further ado, I give you the first episode of the SFC Podcast: Stories From the City.


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Show Credits

  • Producer: Daniel Jarvis
  • Story: Cameron Vannini
  • Voice: Michelle Teslik
  • Intro Sequence: Jon Bates

Comments (10)

It sounds great! The sound production is terrific.

Ah, yes, the reliable oasis in the “dessert” analogy.

I totally changed it from “desert” to “dessert” I was pretty hungry when I wrote this.

This is a story virgins tell each other when they’re lying about the fact that balls haven’t dropped yet.

Shut it down. Everyone involved in this abomination should just stop. And that lead-in bit of his comedy where a 24 year had a joke whose “punchline” was about mommy’s approval….


Really…. One episode and you’re certain it came from Satan’s vagina? Well mister, it takes a lot of guts to tell a man to his face sit down to a keyboard in the comfort of your 8X6 room and circle-jerk anonymously for all the world some twitter junkies and baristas to see.

This is great, I really enjoyed listening to it.

This is a fun idea! I can’t wait for the next one. Maybe get a different voice actor for the next one. She sounds like she drank a bunch of Tequila and let her friend spank her with a paddle while she yelled and he recorded it. Weird. Great story, though!

The last line is the best.

Thanks! Thats actually exactly how the female voice was recorded. Tequila shots and ping-pong paddles to the ass.

We’ve got some great new voices lined up and some already recorded. I agree “Let’s just go bowling or something… I’ll drop a ball on your foot” is such an understated and genius ender.

Comedy is so yesterday, the future is in buying gold. But don’t take my word for it…..take Glen Beck’s and G.Gordon Liddy’s. [spoiler alert] They approve!

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