Discount Grocery Chain to Take Over Shuttered DeLano's IGA

It only took five years, but someone is finally doing something with the shuttered grocery store on South Van Ness between 23rd and 24th Street. For years the DeLano’s IGA was a great spot to grab items that couldn’t be found at the neighboring market, until the store slowly died in 2010. It seems the building will once again house a grocery store.

SocketSite reports:

[While] plans to reduced the size of the store by two-thirds and build over 100 condos across the site were being explored, Grocery Outlet has officially filed an application to assume the store’s lease, with minor exterior changes and a “minimal interior remodel to Grocery Outlet standards.”

Grocery Outlet, which is a discount grocery chain, should provide the immediate neighborhood a reasonable alternative to the nearby (pricey) Local Mission Market.


Fancy Food Critics Will Need to Find a New Restaurant to Vandalize

It seems that merely calling yourself “local” does not necessarily endear you to the neighborhood. Inside Scoop is reporting that after two and a half years in business, Local’s Corner will close by the end of November. Plagued by repeated protests and vandalizations over accusations that the restaurant refused to seat a Latino family (among other things), Local’s Corner struggled to find its place in the surrounding neighborhood.

In an open letter, owner Yaron Milgrom explains that he considered opening a different restaurant in the same location, but in the end decided against it:

We considered a pivot and shift, to reopen with a different restaurant. Though recently, as we weighed next steps, we bore significant departures of kitchen management, including Timmy, Chef de Cuisine of Local’s Corner, who will be headed to Seattle.

The operational challenge of hiring, emotional loss of losing key staff, and cumulative financial losses made an easy conclusion of a hard decision.

But don’t fret— you’ll still be able to purchase your favorite nine dollar artisanal yogurt as the other parts of the “Local” empire (Local Mission Eatery, Local Cellar, and Local Mission Market) remain open.

[Photo: Steve Rhodes]