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Protest Against "Local" Businesses Continues

Local’s Corner, the restaurant on 23rd and Bryant owned by Yaron Milgrom, has had its share of trouble since opening in 2012. The restaurant, along with other Milgrom owned “Local” businesses (Local Mission Eatery, Local Mission Market), has been accused by some of catering to the affected tastes of those that many in the Mission don’t consider local. And it is perhaps this very insistence on naming all his businesses on some variation of the “local” theme that attracted the ire of neighbors in a manner not experienced by similarly upscale places like Zoe’s on 24th and Folsom.

But things really took a turn for the shit in May of 2013 when claims were made that Local’s Corner had refused to seat a Latino family. As reported at the time by El Tecolote:

In the midst of the Cesar Chavez Day celebration on April 20, Cuadra and her family of 5 approached Local’s Corner restaurant at 23rd and Bryant streets expecting to be seated with ease. However, they were denied service by a waiter at the establishment who told the family that he was unable to accommodate them without further explanation.

Shocked and disheartened, Cuadra wrote a formal report to District 9 Supervisor David Campos, who confirmed via email that he is taking the matter seriously, and has since sent the report to the Human Right’s Charter for further investigation.

And while Milgrom met with protestors in May of this year following another incident of vandalism, the above pictured spray paint clearly demonstrates that whatever beef the neighborhood has with Local’s Corner has yet to be resolved.

[Photo: Mission Mission]

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Vandalism is not a protest. 

Serves him well. 

This is a good lesson to all the pinhead progressives who have coddled and spoiled the Latino underclass, when they were useful to further the larger hyper-leftist agendas of the SF elite. 

Now it has come to bite you 

I’d have had a lot more respect for Mr. Milgrom had he called them on their insufferable bullshit and refused to give in to their demands, after an apology and a half. 

Instead he needlessly placated them to score PR points, played the community-custodian act and hoped that it will go away. 

I’d be furious if someone so much as displaced my pavement signboard. 

Mr. Milgrom should take a cue from this guy :

Anti-Eviction Protest Hits Paolo Shoes On Hayes

The “Locals” controversy and Paolo shoes have little in common. Milgrom called his franchise “Locals” when it was anything but (a highly naive possiblity stupid branding error) and then had an unfortunate and still rather vague incident that was blown all out of proportion - the two forming a combustable mix in an already explosive environment. A little spray paint - hardly a protest.   

The Paolo shoe guy is evicting a bunch of people from a building in the hottest neighborhood in the city, including a very well known Mission activist/personality Lotta Garrity (the Queen of the Dearborn Community Garden) and her veteran husband. Here people are fighting for their homes, not for a place to eat dinner. More power to them.  

The city government must explore providing more tax-payer subsidized housing for long time renters like Lotta Garrity. People like her were led to believe their rent controlled housing was secure, but obviously, it is not. Today’s Federal ruling against Ellis Act relocation fees emphasizes that point.

Exactly, government should explore replacing rent control with subsidizing the rents of those who need the subsidies.  This could be funded with something like a rental tax.  The current situation is effectively getting a subisidy from the landlord only based on how long you have lived somewhere almost immediately sets up an adversarial relationship between landlord and tenent.

exactly. So many well off tenants also benefit from rent control it’s sickening. Give the benefit for those truly in need, and have it subsidized by all SF residents. Individual landlords should not have to give massive discounts to other individuals, ESPECIALLY when those renters have high incomes. 


Please stop reporting on this.  Everyone involved is an insufferable moron.  Just stop.

The local thing refers to the farms where they get the produce.  For the liquor store it means local distilleries and wineries.

Kind of an unfortunate double meaning anyway.

They should shut it down and open a Hooters there, and piss EVERYONE off. Also, I hear they’ll seat anyone who wants to watch football and have deep fried crap.