Discount Grocery Chain to Take Over Shuttered DeLano's IGA

It only took five years, but someone is finally doing something with the shuttered grocery store on South Van Ness between 23rd and 24th Street. For years the DeLano’s IGA was a great spot to grab items that couldn’t be found at the neighboring market, until the store slowly died in 2010. It seems the building will once again house a grocery store.

SocketSite reports:

[While] plans to reduced the size of the store by two-thirds and build over 100 condos across the site were being explored, Grocery Outlet has officially filed an application to assume the store’s lease, with minor exterior changes and a “minimal interior remodel to Grocery Outlet standards.”

Grocery Outlet, which is a discount grocery chain, should provide the immediate neighborhood a reasonable alternative to the nearby (pricey) Local Mission Market.

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Some neighbors may remember when Grocery Outlet or Canned Food used to be at the Best Buy on Harrison Street Location.

Here is one story about it from 2001

Yeah!  Finally…

Is Calle 24 ok with this?

Doesn’t matter if the obstructionist group Calle 24 is ok with this.  Fresh and Easy secured a permit for a grocery store and Grocery Outlet is assuming it.  So a grocery store closes (DeLanos) to be replaced by a different grocery store (Fresh and Easy) which now transfers rights to another grocer (Grocery Outlet).

Looking forward to having this abandoned store filled after 5 years.  The empty lot has been a graffiti magnet.

I am also looking forward to having the space filled.  At the very least, having the parking lot re-opened and using it as a shortcut on the walk from BART to my place will be nice.  However, $8 package of butter from Local Mission Market says it isn’t open within a year.

Yaaayyy!!!  I’m just so relieved to finally see this space filled by another billion dollar grocery enterprise that pays their workers so much less, relatively speaking, than they did 40 years ago. Mom and dad in Danville hope they’ve busted up their unions, and I cannot help but agree! They seem like the kind of good place that would contribute generously to campaigns that oppose mandatory labeling of GMO foods too!

Let’s see, FoodsCo a few blocks north is owned by Kroger, parent of Ralphs. I wonder who Grocery Outlet is owned by?

I don’t feel so alone with all these other great newcomer commenters; we may as well be living in Arizona! Once again, yaaayyyyy!!! What the heck would a grocery store be without one hundred condos on site!

Oh, give it a fucking rest already. Christ. Grocery Outlet isn’t small, but it’s not a public company (it’s owned by the family that founded it) and it sells deeply discounted groceries at a price more suited to the Mission’s older, poorer residents than the Whole Foods crowd.

You fuckers will take absolutely anything as an excuse to whine about newcomers, no matter what it is or whether it has anything to do with anything.

Was always hoping that place would be Trader Joe’s.  Yeah, there’s a TJ’s on Bryant/9th, but the more the merrier in my book. 

Does anyone actually shop at Local Mission Market? I have walked by numerous times and and rarely seen a soul in there.