It's A Brand New Day

It's A Brand New Day

The 24th Street Bar Is Now Open, And It Looks Nothing Like The Attic

The 24th Street Bar, a new watering hole between Mission and Bartlett on 24th Street, is officially open for business. The bar, which appears to have opened earlier this week, sits at the former site of The Attic—a notorious dive bar known for cheap drinks and bad plumbing.

Upon glancing inside, however, it becomes immediately clear that 24th Street Bar is not going to be The Attic 2.0. In fact, it appears that the only thing 24th Street Bar has in common with The (dearly departed) Attic is the street address.

When 24th Street Bar’s owner Caroline Brown went before the Board of Supervisors this past February seeking the transfer of a liquor license to the new bar, Brown made one thing very clear: she had no intention of “creating another […] hipster bar in the Mission.” Well, with our first peek inside the recently opened bar, it appears she tried very hard to keep her word. 

However, lest we merely bemoan the Valenciazation of 24th Street in the form of another spot featuring reclaimed wood and exposed bulb lighting, it is worth noting that a posted menu lists PBR tall boys for $5 and wells for $6. This pleasantly suggests that the bar has decided to eschew the path of overly-complex cocktails in favor of the simpler pleasures to be found in cheap beer paired with cheaper shots.

And while we’ll leave it up to the bar’s future clientele to determine if 24th Street Bar is or is not to be “another […] hipster bar,” one thing is for sure: it most definitely isn’t The Attic.