The Attic to Close in February

As we reported in November, The Attic has been on the neighborhood's dive bar chopping block for a while.  Now Ryan Gillespie writes in, telling us that the 24th Street hole is gone at the end of February:

Got word last night that February is The Attic's last month before they move. I was told they're taking the license with them. Not sure if they tried to sell and had no bites, or if the owner just changed his mind about selling. At any rate, the end is near.

We were unable to get the full story here, but from what it sounds like, the owner is taking the liquor license and opening a new bar in the relatively quiet neighborhood of West Portal.

[Photo by Thomas Hawk]

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Fuck Thomas Hawk

That’s a bummer. It’s one of my favorite Mission bars.

How are you guys able to be productive, when you know the ins and outs of nearly every bar in the Mission, and ⅓ of the bars in the rest of the City?

When one of the last remaining A+ neighborhood shitholes closes down/turns into a cocktail bar, word spreads fast.

Last I heard they were moving to the area around 20th and Mission… I guess no longer?

You mean other than the 500 Club, Kilowatt, the Homestead, Bender’s, Elixir, the Lone Palm, and the others I’m not thinking enough about before I type?

Have you been to the Attic? Cuz it’s not really like any of those others you mention. At all.

Umm, how Elixir and Homestead fit in the same breath as Bender’s and the Attic says all I need to know about your “perspective”

This one hurts.

a pity they couldn’t take over the space at what was Terry’s Lodge on Irving…another good dive bar being replaced by upscale boring bullshit.

Where will I do my blow while enjoying a PBR?

Ya, well. Last I heard it was March 1st. But I also heard it was supposed to happen nearly every month of 2013. So who knows.

The new space is on Mission nearby Dr Teeth. It’s going to be a totally different spot. He has to have food because you can’t move a liquor license that far and keep it just booze. This city sucks.

Anyways, the whole reason wasn’t because he wanted to sell his business. My understanding was he wanted to make improvements to the building but the landlord wouldn’t give him an extended lease beyond month-to-month. Therefore, investing in the space would’ve been a bad move. So he found another.

Go look in the window, when it’s ready, the Attic will close one day, and the new spot will open the next.