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The 24th Street Bar Is Now Open, And It Looks Nothing Like The Attic

The 24th Street Bar, a new watering hole between Mission and Bartlett on 24th Street, is officially open for business. The bar, which appears to have opened earlier this week, sits at the former site of The Attic—a notorious dive bar known for cheap drinks and bad plumbing.

Upon glancing inside, however, it becomes immediately clear that 24th Street Bar is not going to be The Attic 2.0. In fact, it appears that the only thing 24th Street Bar has in common with The (dearly departed) Attic is the street address.

When 24th Street Bar’s owner Caroline Brown went before the Board of Supervisors this past February seeking the transfer of a liquor license to the new bar, Brown made one thing very clear: she had no intention of “creating another […] hipster bar in the Mission.” Well, with our first peek inside the recently opened bar, it appears she tried very hard to keep her word. 

However, lest we merely bemoan the Valenciazation of 24th Street in the form of another spot featuring reclaimed wood and exposed bulb lighting, it is worth noting that a posted menu lists PBR tall boys for $5 and wells for $6. This pleasantly suggests that the bar has decided to eschew the path of overly-complex cocktails in favor of the simpler pleasures to be found in cheap beer paired with cheaper shots.

And while we’ll leave it up to the bar’s future clientele to determine if 24th Street Bar is or is not to be “another […] hipster bar,” one thing is for sure: it most definitely isn’t The Attic.

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The Attic was also once upon a time was known for live music before a transplant living 3 blocks away made their life miserable with noise complaints. Sadly, this does look like another generic “hipster bar” RIP The Attic.

The Attic was never known for “live” music. They did have some decent DJ nights. 

 Actually, they did used to have live music back in the late 90s and through to about 2005. Sean Hayes used to play there with some frequency, and maybe Jolie Holland too.

Yeah, but I don’t think anyone would have ever considered the attic a live music venue. 

Yes! I remember seeing Johnny Dwyer’s old band Pink and Brown there along with many others!  It used to be my favorite bar in the city! Ughhhh…not anymore. -__-


the kicker is that the dude actually moved after causing issues for the Attic and Escape from NY.

That bar is just the epitome of classic gentrification, I mean I’ve seen that switch from the Attic to exactly this bar countless times.  In DC (U street, 14th street, H street), to Brooklyn (too many to list), to Austin, to Seattle (Capital Hill calling).  Hilarious.

you, sir, are a gentrification eagle! that list of bars that “you noticed they’ve gentrified” is probably the longest one known to mankind. i tip my hipster bicycle cap to you

I have never been to the attic in the mission. This new bar certainly looks nothing like my attic growing up. But seriously, are all hipsters bad? I mean how do I know if I am a hipster or not…I am new to the area and unemployed but going to school. How can I make sure that I do not get mistaken for a hipster. Also what is the difference between a hippie and a hipster, because I thought hippies were cool. Is a hipster just an urban hippie with lots of money?



Just like other hipsters, you are trying way too hard.

Joe- don’t worry, no one but dorks care about any of that stuff anymore. You’re already trying too hard.

It looks like a yuppie hell hole.

I’m not saying where I’d rather drink lest I give it away, but aside from that, I’d rather drink at home than this boring ass bar. I don’t want to hear about your app!

These generic airport / mall bars are popping up like weeds - same damn thing happened to the NiteCap. How many generic and overpriced alcohol dispensaries can one city support? At least we’ve still got the Phone Booth.

Shh, don’t mention that bar on hipster blogs like these, it’ll be all Facebook/Google employees once they discover it.  And then what do we have?  Blind Cat might be it?

I’ve got some bad news for you…

Pretty sure Sam just moved here.

Phew! It had been at least two weeks since a new bar or restaurant opened in the area featuring reclaimed wood and Edison bulbs. I was beginning to fear that the tired and cliched fad had passed, but thankfully it’s still here! I mean, we’ve even got reclaimed wood kitty corner at the 24th St McDonalds. Maybe they used the same designer?

I’m not sure what’s worse… bars with sub par decor, blog posts about new bars—with sub par decor (time well spent), or the comments section in a post about new bars in a constantly evolving city. #sponsoredbyvitriol

It’s a bar. It’s not that expensive, by local standards. It doesn’t smell like urine (yet).


Amusing how $5 for a tall can of PBR is considered not expensive.  You can get a tall can of Lone Star in Austin for $2!  $1 in some bars!

You can get a tall can at Doc’s for a two or three bucks most of the time, too.

You can get a pack of smokes for less than a buck in Cuba, a prostitute in Thailand for fifty clams, and a pineapple in Hawaii is two donuts. Costs vary. Five bucks for a PBR tallboy in the Mission ain’t bad.

Austin? Who the fuck cares about Austin? You must be lost.

Yea, I’m starting to really think I am actually

Hello again, 

thank you for your help with everything!


The funny thing is that the only people *trying real fucking hard* are the constant whiners little bitches that have invaded this neighborhood. OMG WHAT CAN I WHINE ABOUT

Somebody wanted to build a no frills bar. The way they wanted to build it. Its their money. You can go if you want. Or don’t. Its their fucking bar. Whiny little bitches. Move on. Get over it.

And the people who built it are notorious flippers. This place will have a new owner and name within six months. Print it!


So, maybe with someone with half a brain will buy it and not cater to dipshit ex frat/sorority types?

Well why don’t you fucking buy it?

Calm down, JimmyF! Don’t get your beard all tied up in knots.

I can’t be the only one who hates bar layouts like this. If its at all crowded you will have to plow through the whole bar to get a drink then plow back out to sit, back and forth back and forth. 

I, for one, hate everything in this neighborhood.

The Attic sucked. This bar will suck too, but for different reasons.

Being a former employee of the Attic club in the late 90’s, there where in fact plenty of good local bands that played informal gigs at the Attic. We literally would take the old red vinyl booths apart to make the stage for the bands. (Good times!) The Dukes of Hamburg where one of the best.  The D.J’s where also great until Jack Hole “I knowingly moved to a loud and lively street in the Mission” filed 150 noise complaints. He never tried sueing the addicts screaming around the block till all hours of the night. Perhaps he simply misunderstood the culture of 24th St. at the time.

Well tell that to Tuffy the Beard, above, since he seems to know everything about the Mission. Oops, sorry, the Mish. 

That place was a massive coke-fueled party… hopefully that shit hasn’t gone away.