Freedminds Show

Thefreedminds makes some clothes I like and they are having a party this friday that should be pretty cool. Unfortunately word is that the Odd Future collective will not be in attendance which sucks since I missed them when they were at thee parkside last spring but fuck it. ten bucks at the door I believe. 

Art Bikes Invade Dolores Park

There was some sort of art bike photo shoot going in Dolores this weekend.  Not sure what the story was behind that, but I'm blaming Mission Loc@l.

Also, one of these days I'll learn how to focus my camera.  PROMISE.

(alright, this last ride probably wasn't part of the shoot, but it's still an excellent application of a Darth Vadar mask to a cheap urban assault vehicle)

Cool Kid Halloween: Crappy Camera Coverage Edition

Ever wanted to know what a Mission District Halloween looked like through the lens of a 7-year-old camera from Sears?  You're in luck.

“Two Turntables and a Microphone” clearly took home the prize for “most culturally relevant costume.”

In an ocean of delusional people believing wearing a Giants jersey and a beard was a costume, one man knew how to not suck at Halloween.

Ordinarily a Jesus holding an 18 of Tecate is not noteworthy, but this cool kid was walking down Mission Street barefoot.

A giant burrito strapped to a messenger bag?

Best UPS driver costume I saw all night.

Lady Gaga riding a demon horse-bike.

FInally, I'll leave you with a snap of a horse making sweet, sweet love with a zombie.  Time to start counting down the days to Santacon.

24th and Mission in 1980

Looking at Brizz's snap of this work by Lou Dematteis sure feels like it came from a couple of generations before Reagan.  Just look at their rad outfits.  And the awesome typography of the street sign.  As Brizz notes, our street signs are about to become even more generic, which makes me feel bad for people in 2040 when they look at shots of today's cool kids dressing like they are living in the 1980s.

Anyway, Lou has a bunch of great shots from Central America on his site.  To see more 1980s Mission District, make your way to Galeria de la Raza on 24th.