World's Best Mattress Unfortunately Left to Rot

Unlike the entire user base of Tumblr, I generally don't find discarded furniture to be artful or particularly memorable.  However, this twin mattress is COVERED IN FUCKING DINOSAURS and probably once made some kid's dream come true.

I sure do feel bad for the little guy that felt he grew out of such a beautiful piece of mass production.  Little does he know, such bedroom furnishings are actually considered cool and would probably have gotten him some play in his 20s.

Proof That Hipster Chicks Get More Love Than Sorority Girls

OKCupid, the free online dating service you say you've never heard of but that I saw your profile on, released some cool data the other day. That's right, cool data. It's learning time. 

Basically they looked at which girls on the site got the most messages from guys. Turns out being a prim & proper, traditionally beautiful girl won't get you hit on as much as being unkempt and tattooed.

See, hipster fashion is polarizing, even amongst hipster guys. Some dudes like bangs and vintage dresses, some like neon v-necks and hightops, and some like black leather and chunks of metal in a lady's face.

Girls with this effect on men — the ones some guys thought were really hot and others thought were too strange, the ones who got lots of 5's and 1's on a 5 star attractiveness rating system, received many more messages than mainstream girls who were consistently rated a cute 4 out of 5 stars by most men.


AKA hipster chicks that guys have a wide range of opinions on get more attention than sorority girls who everyone thinks are attractive.

The reason is that guys see kooky hipster girl and think, “I'm probably the only person who digs her. There's less competition so I have a better shot. I'll go talk to/message her.” Meanwhile, guys see a barbie doll and think, “She probably gets hit on non-stop. There's no way she'd like me more than the other guys. I'm better off not even trying.” 

Yeah, there's a bunch of confounding variables including the fact that the beefcake pretty boys who would message sorority girls are too busy gym/tan/laundry'ing to use dating websites. 

Still, this is a win for self-expression and alternative fashion. I've definitely been following this behavior pattern my whole life. Women should take this as free license to do whatever they damn well please with their appearance.

Will these findings usher in a migration of Marina girls to the Mission? Guys, have you always subconsciously gravitated towards “different” girls? Ladies, can you confirm this theory or call shenanigans on it? 'Cause I'm not seeing too many shenanigans.

[Note: This post is not meant to objectify women. I'm a respectful appreciator, so please don't grab your pitchforks and torches.]

Lazer Cat Mural Lives On At Philz

While it may not be as badass as the original, it is neon, floating in the middle of outer space, and has lensless Ray-Bans.  All that's left to do is beat this kid up under the cover of darkness, spraypaint a picture of cattle or other various farm animals over his shirt, and steal his lunch money.

2011 Off to a Fashionable Start

Not only did a man in the Mission have this tattoo, but he was proudly showing it off to a crowd of NYE revelers.  I have no idea if this is some post-post-ironic statement against the Platt Amendment or merely a penis joke, but it's a sign that 2011 is off to a good start.

Wearing the Face of Homelessness

Charles via

Street artist Hugh Leeman, best known for his work depicting the faces of inner city inhabitants on street signs and public spaces, is now tagging the people he depicts. And it's a good thing! The artist's t-shirt project transfers his street art into products that these homeless and low-income people can profit from. For a few months now, Leeman has been distributing these awesome shirts out to “street vendors” throughout the city to then sell to people wanting to rock the latest in homeless couture. If strolling through the TL to get one of these isn't exactly your thing, but you still want to be a handsome vagabond, you can order the shirts online via paypal here. 100% of online profits still go to the homeless. Tis the season you guys!