Go See Some Comedy: Drennon Davis at Elbo Room and More

This week, go see comedy and music and/or literature mixed together.

On Thursday, Drennon Davis and DJ Real will be at the Elbo Room. They do a madcap music-comedy-sketch thing that I can’t describe but I love it. Here’s Drennon on Conan recently with Karen Kilgariff to give you a taste. Also go to the Elbo Room before it gets destroyed for more fancy condos.

This week is Litquake, San Francisco’s annual festival of words. Throughout Litquake and Saturday’s Litcrawl through the Mission will be an array of events that include comedians like Greg Proops, W. Kamau Bell, and me, among others.

Finally, mark your calendars now for Tuesday, October 27. I’m presenting another “Nato Green & Friends” showcase at Doc’s Lab in partnership with KALW public radio. I’ve assembled some of my favorite local comics to record standup that we’ll air on future FSFSF segments.

You can hear these recommendations in my deep, sexy radio voice in the segment called FSFSF every Tuesday at 4:45pm on KALW 91.7FM public radio, during All Things Considered, or can subscribe to them on Soundcloud.

Go see some comedy.

Nato Green is a comedian who also writes a column for the San Francisco Examiner, and performs on Saturdays at the Cynic Cave.

[Photo: Drennon Davis]

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More comedy promo’s? This is sad

What is sad is that I keep checking up on this site. It’s a commercial which is cool because teddy bear looking dork said he was going to be busy. Just like everything else in the mission. Dead….

I wouldn’t mind the comedy promos if there was actual content here other than the occasional post that’s basically identical to mission mission.It’s a shame that these blogs have deteriorated to such lowly states. 

I agree, but I think your comment was taken to heart a little too much. Is this the last entry for UA ever?

pack up the stuff…it’s over boys

errr…is this blog dead?