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Google Glass Hate Crime Casualty Accused of "Surreptitiously Recording" Neighbors in 2012

Sarah Slocum embarrassed her way into the national spotlight late last month, telling her questionable story of being assaulted for sporting Google Glass in Molotov’s to any reporter needing to fill airtime.  The fallout was swift: bars banned the tech, bars banned the victim, an employee for Molotov’s was fired, and the tech community walked away with another black eye they didn’t ask for and didn’t deserve.

But Sarah Slocum continues to grandstand, asking Google for free tickets to SXSW and racking up tens of Twitter followers.  So imagine our surprise to learn that two years ago, a judge granted Sarah Slocum’s neighbors a restraining order on the wearable warrior for “surreptitiously recording them with her smartphone.”

The LA Times reports:

In an interview with The Times, Jessie Lilley Campbell said she was sitting with her husband and their landlord in the living room of their Aptos, Calif., home on the evening of May 15, 2012, when she noticed that someone was holding up a smartphone to record the conversation through an open window.

Campbell said she opened the front door and spotted Slocum, who at the time lived in a cabin on the property. She confronted Slocum, who denied recording the conversation.

The next morning, Campbell filed for a restraining order. Campbell said Slocum later admitted in court she recorded the conversation but said Campbell had no expectation of privacy.

“I didn’t surreptitiously record anyone,” she reiterated in regards to the Molotov’s incident. “I only started recording after they threatened me. And I told them the second I started recording them.”  Of course, her own video contradicts that statement.  Whatever.  Pass the popcorn, because this unmitigated disaster keeps getting better and better.

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Jazz Hands #throughglass

Video Emerges of Google Glass "Assault," Proving Google Glass is Completely Useless

Yesterday’s big “anti-tech hate crime” hullabaloo is quickly coming to a close, as eyewitness accounts of the alleged “assault” at Molotov’s cast serious doubt on “I Love Social Media, Inc.” founder Sarah Slocum’s story.  Now she’s released video of the incident, which she insinuates is proof of the attack.

Her description of the video:

This is the first video that I got on Google Glass at Molotov bar on Haight Street after being verbally accosted and flicked off by the Asian looking girl, I turned on the video, and after I told them I was doing so they got pissed off and came after me. Unfortunately, I had not extended the video so it cuts out after 10 seconds. Here you can see them - two people, a male and a female - trying to block the camera. The guy waving his hands in my face here later rips the Google Glasses off my face and ran out of the bar. #throughglass

Of course, the video is only 9 seconds long—and proves absolutely nothing.  But alas, there it is.

UA tipster Jeff Cleary put it best: “As this video clearly shows, Google Glass is completely useless.”  Amen.


Rebranding tap water to sound like something it's not is nothing new (Pepsi has been doing it for years), but as John Clarke Mills points out, Magnolia Brewery's latest attempt to sex up the government mind control that comes out of our faucet is particularly literal:

This town has lost its mind. For those of you who don't speak bourgeois, Hetch Hetchy water comes from your faucet.

Clever joke, or cunning way to dupe tourists into thinking they're getting something special?  Either way, well played, Magnolia.

London Breed Gives Up on Twitter, The Bike Vote, Having People Like Her

After a storied career as a caustic and crabby Twitter user and occasional District 5 Supervisor, London Breed shut down her unfettered Twitter account this afternoon amid accusations that she's unprofessional and generally thoughtless. Why?  London's straight-shooter and all-around dopey answer to a softball question about safe streets:

That's correct: a couple of human flat tires means all cyclists are undeserving of safe streets, or something like that.  Streetsblog breaks down the troubling sentiment:

The underlying assumption in this argument is that cycling is an activity for a distinct class of people, rather than just a way of getting around. According to this way of thinking, the city cannot implement proven redesigns that make streets safer for the general population until this “class” exhibits suitable behavior. Imagine if you applied the same logic to car infrastructure: No highway or garage would ever be built until we sorted out all the speeding, failure to yield, and distracted driving that kills thousands of Americans each year.

It seems London Breed decided she could no longer control her impulses—her judgment kaput—and she signed off for good.  And it's a shame, too.  We'll forever miss her implications that her constituents are pro-slavery, declarations of being SF's top party host, and general petulance.

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Jeremy Fish on Euthanizing Silly Pink Bunny: "He Deserves to be Put Out of His Fucking Misery"

Jeremy Fish's Silly Pink Bunny statue has gone for one wild ride over the last month.  When it was announced on August 12th that Silly would be demolished to make way for a new LGBT senior housing complex, Lower Haighters bemoaned the loss of an icon that has welcomed people to the neighborhood for the last three years.  So it wasn't that much of a surprise when, three weeks later, “four or five dudes with good intentions ran off with the bunny in a U-Haul truck,” as Jeremy later recounted.

Despite being stolen in the middle of the afternoon—and while security was guarding the site that hosted the 600-pound statue—there were no immediate leads.  But after hitting up his contacts (“guys who know sketchy guys”), Jeremy eventually tracked it down to the back patio of Emperor Norton's Boozeland, the well intentioned Tenderloin bar owned by a team of guys with a long history of preserving San Francisco iconography facing impending doom.

It seemed as though the community had rallied around saving Silly Pink Bunny, and that Emperor Norton's had stepped up for its preservation.  But Jeremy still has Silly's destruction planned for this Friday.

When we reached out to him to confirm if he was actually going through with the beloved statue's demolition, he was unequivocal:

Yes. Why? Because he is really fucked up, and like a wounded soldier, a sick old dog, or a worn out racehorse, he deserves to be put out of his fucking misery. He got smashed, punched, hated, tagged, painted, then repainted. He got lit on fire. The back was wide open, and as a result spiders moved in the exposed foam, and started a black widow colony. Human beings used him as a toilet hundreds of times. He lost an eye, and a tooth. His head has a huge hole in the top from people climbing up and down him to get in to the elevated crack den called “the treehouse” above the statue. Then it was stolen, and the thieves painfully cut two feet off the back of him. But, most importantly, I paid for the materials to make the bunny, sculpted it, stuck it there, painted and maintained it as best I could, and I want to watch it get smashed. It was only supposed to be there for a year, and it turned into three years. Let's just say I'm satisfying my artistic vision on this project. If you want to save it, make your own damn statue.

Okay then!

The funeral goes down this Friday the 13th (spooky!) at 6pm.  Rumor has it there will be a wrecking ball on the scene.

(And fear not, nostalgic human beings and black widow spiders: Jeremy has been commissioned to erect a 10-foot tall bronze bunny statue at the site of the housing complex.)

Party in Parks: A Free Party For People Who Like Beer, Chicken, & Arcade Games

Because Outside Lands is our favorite “meh, I'm not really feeling the line-up this year” festival, we're saving ourselves the money and instead partying all Saturday afternoon at Free Gold Watch—our favorite place not in the Mission.

We know there's a lot going on in the flier, so here are the details:

  • Custom tees printed by Free Gold Watch & PBR
  • Giveaways and beers provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon (while supplies last, of course)
  • Hella eats courtesy of Wing Wings
  • Full contact Pinball Tournament hosted by Uptown Almanac
  • Music by DJ Design and Iron Mike

This will be epic.  Why?  Well, since we first wrote about Free Gold Watch a little over a month ago, they've installed another 10 pinball and arcade games, making FGW even better than it already was.  Also, did we mention there will be free beer and food and DJs? Yes, there will be a lot of that going around.

So swing by on your way to the festival, or scalp your ticket and stay all day.  Things kick-off at noon and go until 5pm, with the Uptown Almanac pinball tournament starting at 1:30.  See you there!


Free Gold Watch: The Best Place In San Francisco Where No One Goes (Yet)

Upon first stumbling into Free Gold Watch, my friend Jon Skulski remarked, “No words. They should have sent a poet.”

That pretty much sums it up perfectly.  How'd we finally manage to get an arcade in a town which criminally lacks one? And how did this slip in undetected into the Haight, the crusty corpse of a neighborhood long written off as old hat?

The details aren't nearly as important as pure fact that they exist.  However, Free Gold Watch began modestly in 2006 as a simple silk screen print shop tucked away on 1767 Waller, but they always felt the space was poorly used.  They had a long, virtually idle hallway that served as a showroom leading to their workshop.  By all accounts, it wasn't particularly inviting.  So six months ago, they started adding some pinball machines.

The response to their first machines was so positive that they kept adding more.  Now that idle space is packed with 20 pinball machines, a skeeball ramp, Frogger, Street Fighter II, and a whole host of other arcade games, fueled by cheap, 50¢ games and a benevolent BYOB policy.

Truly, it's an oasis in the Upper Haight.

Fortunately, the world hasn't gotten the word yet, because multiple visits to Free Gold Watch have been met with few other people taking advantage of their setup.  But we're certain that won't last, and the folks behind FGW's arcade are already bracing for their expected popularity with an expansion at an undisclosed location that'll pack in 60 additional pinball machines.

So while your friends are celebrating America this weekend in some far-off exotic location like Discovery Bay, take advantage and squander your weekend away in the Haight.

Accident-Prone Muni Rudely Blocks Panhandle Bike Lane

Details are pretty sketchy at this point, but this is what CBS 5 had to say about the carnage:

Muni spokesman Paul Rose said the 43-Masonic bus hit a car making an illegal U-turn near the intersection of Fell Street and Masonic Avenue around 6:20 p.m.

According to witnesses, the bus pushed the black Volkswagen sedan for nearly a city block to Fell Street, where it came to a stop in the park.

Witnesses said the driver either lost his brakes or may have suffered a medical emergency. The bus driver was taken to the hospital, while the driver of the car was able to walk away from the accident. No passengers on the bus or any pedestrians were injured in the incident.

[Photo by mom_shorts]