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Google Glass Hate Crime Casualty Accused of "Surreptitiously Recording" Neighbors in 2012

Sarah Slocum embarrassed her way into the national spotlight late last month, telling her questionable story of being assaulted for sporting Google Glass in Molotov’s to any reporter needing to fill airtime.  The fallout was swift: bars banned the tech, bars banned the victim, an employee for Molotov’s was fired, and the tech community walked away with another black eye they didn’t ask for and didn’t deserve.

But Sarah Slocum continues to grandstand, asking Google for free tickets to SXSW and racking up tens of Twitter followers.  So imagine our surprise to learn that two years ago, a judge granted Sarah Slocum’s neighbors a restraining order on the wearable warrior for “surreptitiously recording them with her smartphone.”

The LA Times reports:

In an interview with The Times, Jessie Lilley Campbell said she was sitting with her husband and their landlord in the living room of their Aptos, Calif., home on the evening of May 15, 2012, when she noticed that someone was holding up a smartphone to record the conversation through an open window.

Campbell said she opened the front door and spotted Slocum, who at the time lived in a cabin on the property. She confronted Slocum, who denied recording the conversation.

The next morning, Campbell filed for a restraining order. Campbell said Slocum later admitted in court she recorded the conversation but said Campbell had no expectation of privacy.

“I didn’t surreptitiously record anyone,” she reiterated in regards to the Molotov’s incident. “I only started recording after they threatened me. And I told them the second I started recording them.”  Of course, her own video contradicts that statement.  Whatever.  Pass the popcorn, because this unmitigated disaster keeps getting better and better.

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Moltov’s fired an employee?

I don’t even recognize this city anymore. This woman is a terrible person.

Cool story, she doesn’t even live here though.

What color were you before 1989?

I nominate this comment for best of 2014.

I second that.

She somehow manages to embody every single negative stereotype about Millennials.

Except for, you know, the fact that she’s too old to be a millenial…that’s all GenX right there.

You might be right, I’m not sure how old she is.  Either way the Gen X and Millennial stereotypes are pretty similar.

I think she transcends generations (as do most vile and complete morons)

wtf is a “casuality”?

A proofreading error.

 she’s an awful person and her hair cut is gross

wow, I agree that this woman is a lowlife loser and everything else already said about her. HOWEVER, posting signs to shame and embarrass her? That’s just as bad. How mean-spirited and vindictive can this get.

Nope.  She deserves as much vendictive alienating as the city an possibly dish out.  She grabbed a bullhorn and blasted to every corner of every media outlet “LOOK AT ME”.  This kind of behavior needs as much shaming as possible.


Exactly as mean-spirited and vindictive as she deserves.

Oh come on, Sarah. You can handle it.

She looks like Delenn from Babylon 5 Jessie Lilley Campbell failed to mention her husband, David Campbell, stood inside his kitchen at the open window.. clearly visible to public… armed with a baseball bat… screaming hysterically “I’m gonna kick her ass…” threatening Sarah Slocum. See for yourself… video link above..