Dolores Park Crackdown

Now In Dolores Park: Flashing Highway Sign Warning of Steep Fines for Glass Bottles

The latest move by city officials to reign in the free-spirited place that is Dolores Park was unveiled earlier today. A tipster sent Uptown Almanac the following photo and explanation this morning:

Saw this sign from the back and thought it was going to say “Pack yer trash, bitches” but instead it’s this. Hard to read since I don’t know how to iPhone, but it flashes between “NO GLASS” and “FINE $192”. Better warn the troops to opt for the Tecate Tallboy Triple Pack over the High Life 40oz.

That’s right, according to a giant flashing sign, you will now be ticketed $192 for having a glass bottle in the park.

Update August 17th, 10:38pm: You can see video of the sign in action here.

[Photo: Tipster]

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In the mid aughts I bought a $150 bottle of wine from a wine shop, that I actually still love.  I didn’t really have money but I’m impulsive.  My friends and I drank that shit in Dolores park, are you saying with all the money now in the park at any weekend (gdp probably greater than some cities), it’s MORE illegal to drink my $150 bottle of wine?

Was broken bottles a problem at Dolores Park??  

I hadn’t noticed that it was, but bottle caps did seem to be something of a trash problem.

  Plus, some people claim that glass is safer for health reasons, and that cans are linked to Alzheimer’s and other health issues. 

And most beers taste better in a bottle than from a can.!!

That there is a Heady Topper, which tastes absolutely sublime from the can. In fact I believe it says so on the can itself.

Thanks, Scott Wiener!

There’s always more money for stupid signs and enforcement of every ridiculous subchapter of park rules.

This is what happens when command and control types like Wiener, Mark Buell and Rec and Park President Phil Ginsburg are allowed to blow millions of taxpayer dollars per year on Rec and Park Rangers, and nagging bullshit signs attacking park goers rather than doing their jobs as public servants.

Would you like more bathrooms or trash receptacles to serve the most popular and crowded park in San Francisco? Fuck you!  No extra bathrooms, LESS trash receptacles, and here’s a gang of mall cops to harass you for bringing a bottle of wine to the public park paid for with your taxes.

No lawn chairs, but that thing is permitted to destroy the grass!

Progress - Make San Francisco Great Again.

Exactly. What a joke. MORE TRASH CANS. MORE BATHROOMS. This is such a waste of resources.