RIP Dive Bars

Esta Noche, Gone and Gutted

In what has been a lethal year for Mission dives, Esta Noche has now joined the ranks of The Attic, Pop’s, and Jack’s Club as gutted dives.

While we had known about famed LGBT hot spot’s closing since February, it stings to see it in such condition—especially right before Pride weekend. And it’s made even worse by what’s to come: A new lounge from WISH, who brands themselves as a “New York style lounge featuring the best local House music DJ’s in a […] sexy den of wood, leather, red velvet, and glowing candles.”

[Photo: Gerard Koskovich]

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Oh dear, what will happen to the poor latino lgbt people you  seem to care so much about?  Where will they go now? Oh wait,  they could go to the new lounge opening on 16th St from WISH.  Or any other gay or non-gay bar in the area.  

Spot on. Relax KevMo.

You’ve already won, bro troll. The space is yours, all yours, and the only time you’ll think of its former patrons is when you’re handing your keys over to a parking valet. Congratulations.

Will you be the valet?

Totally AGREE Brian.  Of course though I’m an evil HATER CAPITALIST.  Ohhhh. 


Oddly enough the lounge moving in is exactly the kind of lounge that hispanic people like to go to.  You see clubs like this in similar areas all over the country.  It’s the kind of the place the hipsters hate.  And I do hate it.  Even still, Im skeptical that this place will have enough clientelle, though we’ll see.

Yes, Bob and Brian and Jimmy Foo, all hispanics are the same and all have the same exact taste. Sigh.

“You see clubs like this in similar [Hispanic] areas all over the country”

Not all black like fried chicken / subs/ and fish shops, but go to black neighborhoods in DC, Philly, Bronx, Baltimore, and you’ll see them everywhere.  I guess you’re just trying to misinterpret what I said /  be difficult

What you said was clear, and clearly dumb. Go back East.

Just like all white people like lounges. Move on, troll.

Ha - you first, brah

“Hipster” is just about the most useless word in the English language at this point. I haven’t a clue what a hipster is anymore.

I agree, but, in fairness, your avatar is sporting black acetate frame glasses and a healthy beard.

I’ve had the same haircut and glasses since 7th grade. The beard came later, though.


Check your profile picture for the answer.

Looking forward to the new spot! Wish is great but becoming a bit touristy:/ SF has way too many dives as it is, the failure of the aforementioned reflects this reality. 

Wish is excellent for happy hour. Good drinks, good music and that goddam popcorn.

Give this place a shot before you judge, fools.

Just walked by the former All You Knead on Haight today. Workers were carrying sheetrock into the gutted place. The travesty at that old eatery: the incredibly beautiful and surreal SF-themed mural that wrapped around the walls. Philistines are hard at work in this city.

Also sad.  All You Knead was one of my favorite lunkfast joints in the city. 

Been a few years since I lived up that way and never make it back up. Didn’t know it had closed. Shame. I liked that place. And before people chime in with the usual, “well times change; deal with it” - yeah. times change. Doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.

Sad to see it go, and, yes, the douchebag nexus that is going to replace it sounds horrible.

And I think they’ve sent a few people (above) to comment in favor of it. Esta Noche was an institution and a safe space that we needed for at least another generation of chulitos.

I walk by at least a couple times per day, the place was usually empty.  If peopled wanted it to survive they would have supported it. 

All those complaining about the change who frequently visited Esta Noche in the months before it closed up, please raise your hand.


Empathy?  You gest.  This is SF we’re talking about.  We only have pretend outrage and empathy that does nothing. 


Oh, I have empathy for the now-neglected patrons of Esta Noche! It’s definitely unfortunate for both of them.

Exactly.  And let’s face it, Esta Noche was a dive bar, gross.  Practically had sticky floors.  Bring in the new!


hey there, i went to esta noche all the freakin’ time. Admittedly, it WAS usually dead, but my friends and I frequented it at least every couple of weeks. And only a couple of us (not me) are latino, but whatevs. Progress and that I guess.


WISH is an amazing, one-of-a-kind spot in the city. it’s one of the few true lougnes around, not one of those lounge/club hybrids or bar/lounge hybrids. never any bullshit line or covers to deal with, great music, great reasonably price drinks. i’m sad to see esta noche go, but i can think of a ton of other places that would have been much worse.

I remember when everything was a barn. I miss those days. Damn you science and change in tastes.

Because the only choice available is between a barn and another cookie cutter “cocktail lounge”? And is the latter somehow scientific? Never mind. It’s pretty obvious you have some sort of relationship with the new owners so blather on I suppose.

Another douchebag nest.  Wow we really needed that. All u non natives fck off

Non-natives. Who the hell are you? 

Esta Noche was such an awesome spot; I am really bummed it got shut down. Greedy landlords are ruining this town. :( Not to mention the philistines and idiots who believe in invisible hands and other bullshit.


But no one was in there.  Progress, etc.  Time to move on.

You are wrong, Girl. Plenty of people went to Esta Noche. Every time I went there, there were plenty of people in there. It’s not about “progress.” What a joke. AS if everything just gets btter and better all the time. Please, get a clue.

If plenty of people went to Esta Noche, they sure hid themselves well. Place was a ghost town every single time I stopped in to look, and others corroborate.

I’m sorry you lost your hangout of choice, but it’s hard to get around the fact that a business without much business isn’t a business for that long.