The North Beachification Continues

Esta Noche Closing, Turning Into a "New York Style Lounge"

We reported last May that 16th Street’s prized Latino gay bar was struggling with financial issues.  But despite a series of fundraisers, the bar wasn’t able to stay afloat.  Now Eater reports that WISH Bar and Lounge is poised to take over “shortly”:

The Wish team is still developing a concept to replace Esta Noche’s well-worn ambiance, but say that a great cocktail program and comfortable environment are in the works. “There’s a lot of history in that space, and we definitely want to preserve that,” says Hutchins, who notes that some details, like the arch above the bar, will be carried over once the two-month interior renovation is complete. However, fans of the spot’s historically gay-friendly dive bar atmosphere will see a radical change to something more akin to Wish’s loungey vibe.

WISH markets themselves as a “New York style lounge featuring the best local House music DJ’s in a […] sexy den of wood, leather, red velvet, and glowing candles.” They also offer a “very competitive bottle service program.”

The new owners will continue to run the bar as Esta Noche for a “few months” to give regulars a chance to take their parting shots, then they’ll close it for the summer for renovations.

[Eater | Photo: Graham Russell]

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I have no opinion about this either way. Is that OK nowadays?

It’s about time that area got a great cocktail program. 

I mean I understand what both of those words mean… 

“competetive bottle service program”

Nice of the new owners to keep it going for a while despite the change-over. And can’t blame them for doing what’s best for their bottom line. It’s still sad. The Mission will be North Beach in no time at all - its vibrancy relegated to lame museums and a few “institutions” that couldn’t be forced out. 

I would never set foot in there and been walking that block long enough to remember Los Portales, but the North Mission in general loses on this deal. Bottle Service? yuck. Beer in a can please, on the street, sneering and bitter.

Yea truth be told I haven’t really gone to the 16th st corridor on a reasonably regular basis since probably 2007-2008 I’d guess.  Farthest north I go now is probably Elbo Room.  Well I’m not counting Zeitgeist, which I’ll always have a soft spot for and truth be told isn’t too different than when I first snuck in at the age of 18 in 2003, and Benders (though East of Mission street the north/south divide loses meaning to me)

SAVE ESTA NOCHE! I’m straight and think we need to keep a queer bar there.  “Wish” is just that–a bar wishing it were hip, but is dweeby.  “The best local house music DJ’s”–sums it up, that’s typical of lots of blah places in SF now.  But where else can you get weekly latin drag acts/devotees and queer comedy night in one bar? So, Save Esta Noche!

Well, if saving the Eagle was a top priority of the Supes, saving Esta Noche has just as much a claim to their attention. Of course, maybe it doesn’t *want* to be saved, but we get to decide that, right?

Isn’t “cocktail program” just a way of saying that you’ll be paying over $10 for a cocktail?

I wonder if the new bar will have Edison lights…

Not if Tesla had anything to do with it.

que lastima

I’m not sure sometimes if “saving” is a good idea.  I don’t like NY style lounges, but Esta Noche seems to always be empty or near empty.  If people wanted to support it they would.  Why not let another venue try their hand?

They don’t want to be saved, believe that!

because SF’s continued bowing to all things “new york” must continue…if people like New York so damned much why don’t they either move there or STAY THERE?

but the looking just made it famous…