Esta Noche In Trouble

Famed Latino queer bar (and all-around fantastic comedy venue) Esta Noche is in danger of closing.  As they put it, “Last year the Board of Supervisors made changes to laws that can make it harder for small businesses to afford their permitting and license fees. Unfortunately, Esta Noche will have to pay for all their licenses in one bulk payment, which is already one month late.”  Now they have two weeks to pay off a $9,000 debt to the city or they won't be able to stay open.

Taking a page from Adobe Books' fundraising success, the 16th Street club has an Indiegogo campaign up and running.  And on the 18th, “local queer DJs, drag performers, and politicians” will come together to party and fundraise for the venue.

Let's hope they pull it off, because the neighborhood probably doesn't need another Thieves bar…

[via Eater]

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Esta what? Never heard of the place. Queers should go to Castro LOL

Put Chipotle in there - long enough lines at Pancho Villa while I am waiting to Uber home.

Obvious troll is obvious.

Obvious reply to obvious troll is obvious. When are we going to meet up for a beer now that Cranky has moved?

not funny tc.

The “yuppie bar” bit makes me laugh, considering Skylark is one of the more ethnically diverse bars in the neighborhood.

You remember La India Bonita?!

Good .Filthy degenerates.

See my comment above.

Don’t feed the trools

Having never been to EN, I have always liked the idea of a queer bar on the 16th but it is a business and if a business cannot make any money because people do not want the product, then the business will close. Simple as that. Moreover, what kind of business owner ( heck, any person living in SF 1 bubble burst away from unemployment) doesn’t have a measly $9K in the bank??

You make my skin crawl