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Emily Heller Kills It on Conan

Emily Heller has always been one of our favorite Bay Area comedians, but last year she moved to New York for the usual “bigger and better things” routine.  The move led to starting a very funny podcast, getting a gig as the warm-up comic for W. Kamau Bell's show, just to name a few. And last month, it all paid off with a killer set on Conan.


If that leaves you craving more, Emily will be at the Punchline for the rest of the week.

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SFC Podcast EP01: Finally, Comedy Pays Off...

San Francisco is a city of storytellers.  From our countless bloggers, novelists, videographers, journalists, comedians, musicians, photographers, poets, the crazy dudes on the corner, and everything in between, we've explored how to share our insights and experiences.  However, the rise of the podcast has seemed to have left San Francisco behind.  Despite all the brilliant programs dedicated to storytelling, there's no definitive podcast devoted to the Bay. Make no mistake: this isn't intended to be the definitive podcast, but, rather, a step in exploring the medium.

First up is Cameron Vannini, a young stand-up comedian who finds an oasis after wandering the dessert in search of physical satisfaction.

If you have a story you'd like to tell, be it funny, sad, hopeful, poetry, or just plain crude, drop us a line at  And, without further ado, I give you the first episode of the SFC Podcast: Stories From the City.


You can now subscribe to the SFC Podcast here: SFC Podcast on iTunes

Show Credits

  • Producer: Daniel Jarvis
  • Story: Cameron Vannini
  • Voice: Michelle Teslik
  • Intro Sequence: Jon Bates

The Business Celebrates 5 Years of Killer Stand-Up at Cobb's

Hey, look, there's a lot going on Saturday.  There's Game 3 of the World Series, which you'll most certainly be watching.  Then your sorta/kinda friend Jim is hosting that Halloween party in his remarkably poorly-ventilated apartment.

But, let's be honest, you're weren't planning on showing up to the party until 11:30 anyway, and you're probably just going to sit around getting shitty until then.  So why not just drink in a comedy club instead?

Our friends at The Business—most certainly our favorite weekly comedy show in the city—are celebrating five big years showcasing some of the city's (and nation's) best up-and-coming comics.  How?  By taking over Cobb's Saturday night after The Game for one big-ass show.

Sean fills us in:

The Business likes things big. That’s why we are bringing big guests to a big theatre to have a big ol birthday party!!!!! Big!

This show is TOO BIG to hold at our home office at the Dark Room. Come join your Business regulars Alex Koll, Sean Keane, Bucky Sinister, Chris Thayer, Caitlin Gill and Mike Drucker at Cobb's Comedy Club, which should be ALMOST big enough for this show. Chris Garcia can't make it, but will be represented by friend of the Business Kevin Camia.

Plus, our special guests for the night know all about being big. Jamie and Sis DeWolf produce Tourettes Without Regrets, a showcase of the best cutting edge underground talent with the longest running freestyle battle and the largest slam on the West Coast. The fight club of underground art, SF Guardian named Tourettes the “Best in the Bay” in 2012.

Jamie and Sis are both guests we’ve wanted on The Business for some time, but when we heard that their birthdays are just days apart and fast approaching, we knew what had to be done. BIG BIRTHDAY SHOW.

Show is at 8pm sharp, and we'll have you out in time to enjoy any spooky late night plans you might have.

You can get your tickets right now, but if you read to the end of The Business's show preview, they have some secret magic words that can save you some big bucks.

The Cynic Cave: California Comedy in Lost Weekend's Basement

If you've been itching to check out Lost Weekend Video's new Cinecave AND a grip of our favorite local comedians, be sure to head downstairs this Saturday evening with seven bucks in hand for (the hopefully first of many) Cynic Cave California Comedy Night.

(Also, how awesome is that Bart Simpson map of California? Not sure if I'll ever be able to think of the Bay as anything but Bart's mouth from here on out.)

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Stand-up Comedy and Bottomless PBR Returns to the Roxie Next Tuesday!

After two slammin' comedy parties at The Roxie last summer, we all thought it would be a good idea to bring back the Locally-Source Pop-Up Comedy Night back to the Roxie for a third round.  And that's exactly what we're doing.  8 of our favorite local comics and 8,640 ounces of cold beer kindly furnished by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

In summary:
Tuesday, June 12th at 8:45 @ The Roxie [3117 16th Street and Valencia]
Tickets [$6.50] are on sale right now (you can try to win a pair over at FunCheap)
Here's who'll be up on stage:

  • Joey Devine (Finalist at the Bay Area Laugh Leader Competition, Pandora's “comedy analyst,” self-described heartthrob)
  • Jesse Elias (The Smug Shift, SF Sketchfest, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, member of Everything Jamboree)
  • David Gborie (Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Noise Pop, Indie Fest, SF Punchline)
  • Casey Ley (Bridgetown Comedy Festival, former host of “The Morning Show” on Pirate Cat)
  • Jules Posner (’s No Drink Minimum, SF Sketchfest)
  • Bucky Sinister (Member of “The Business” at The Dark Room, Litquake, The Rumpus's “Warm Bodies, Cold Nights”)
  • Dave Thomason (Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, SF Sketchfest, NPR’s “Snap Judgment”, Revision3’s “ROFL”, and Noise Pop)

And Sean Keane (member of The Business, past contributor to McSweeney's and ESPN the Magazine, columnist for the East Bay Express) is back to host!

So remember: next Tuesday at The Roxie. There will be comedy. There will be beer.


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by Seeing Some Stand-Up Comedy

Host Chris Thayer delivers the pitch:

What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than to completely ignore it by attending a makeshift comedy show at a used clothing store?

Other than dialing up a mariachi band from a glorified cab company and/or going to Chevys (p.s. - I love Chevys), I can't think of anything that could possibly top this.  8pm at Afterlife Boutique, people.

UA's Evening of Local Comedy & Non-local Beer Goes Down Tonight!

Tonight's line-up of comics is truly superb, from those featured on Comedy Central to those who write poetry about murdering their prom date.  While I'd love to sing praises about every single one of these guys and gals, allow me to briefly focus on just one: Jeff Cleary.  For those of you not in the know, he's hosted dozens of shows at 12 Galaxies and The Purple Onion, has lived a hundred feet from Delirium since before it was ever called Delirium, is, as Sean Keane says, “basically the Mayor of the Mission,” and tonight is his last show before leaving town for the foreseeable future.  We're all bummed he's hitting the road, but tonight will be a one helluva send-off.

We'll let his act speak for itself, but if you want a taste of what to expect, check out Jeff's interview with Broke-Ass Stuart:

If you woke up a millionaire, what’s the first thing you’d buy?:

Probably a 6-pack of IPA beer and a million lottery tickets.

Or maybe I’d use it to make the world a better place, like pay every bar in San Francisco to remove “Don’t Stop Believin’” from their jukeboxes and karaoke machines.

Wait, how much are those penis enlargement pills? Would I have any money left over for morning-after pills?

On second thought, just keep the million.

Oh yeah, pre-sale tickets are still on sale.  See you at 7:30 tonight!

Want to See Lady Comedians Wearing in Prom Dresses Telling Jokes in a Laundromat?

Editor's note: this is not a lady comedian.

If so, make your way to Brainwash Cafe/Laundromat on Folsom @ 7th tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8pm for a prom-themed open mic night.  Lydia fills us in on the details:

I wanted to alert you of a very exciting upcoming event in SF Comedy. The Ladies Room, an all female comedy night hosted by Kristee Ono is holding the first ever PROMEDY. It's a prom. It's comedy. It's PROMEDY. All comics will dress to the nines and perform at the Brainwash. A king and queen will be crowned. Someone may or may not get “Carried.” It's gonna be a lot of fun.

Ladies Night at the Brainwash is home to some of SF's favorite lady comics like Caitlin Gil, Janine Brito, Emily Heller, Kristee Ono, Colleen Watson, Mimi Vilmenay, Chris Burns, Morgan, Natasha Muse, Melanie O'Brien, Lydia Popovich, Claire O'Kane and hella more.

Despite the fact it feels a little creepy to go to my first prom at the age of 26, I do love comedy and I need to wash my whites.  See ya there!