Want to See Lady Comedians Wearing in Prom Dresses Telling Jokes in a Laundromat?

Editor's note: this is not a lady comedian.

If so, make your way to Brainwash Cafe/Laundromat on Folsom @ 7th tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8pm for a prom-themed open mic night.  Lydia fills us in on the details:

I wanted to alert you of a very exciting upcoming event in SF Comedy. The Ladies Room, an all female comedy night hosted by Kristee Ono is holding the first ever PROMEDY. It's a prom. It's comedy. It's PROMEDY. All comics will dress to the nines and perform at the Brainwash. A king and queen will be crowned. Someone may or may not get “Carried.” It's gonna be a lot of fun.

Ladies Night at the Brainwash is home to some of SF's favorite lady comics like Caitlin Gil, Janine Brito, Emily Heller, Kristee Ono, Colleen Watson, Mimi Vilmenay, Chris Burns, Morgan, Natasha Muse, Melanie O'Brien, Lydia Popovich, Claire O'Kane and hella more.

Despite the fact it feels a little creepy to go to my first prom at the age of 26, I do love comedy and I need to wash my whites.  See ya there!


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shout to Lydia Popovich she got jokes for days!