Why San Francisco Loves the Giants

If there's something I love more than local comedy and being a bandwagon SF Giants fan, it is making fun of the Marina.  And Sean Keane makes fun of the Marina oh-so-well:

Why San Francisco Loves the Giants from Sean Keane on Vimeo.

If you dig this bit, you can check out more of Sean's stuff as part of “The Business” every Wednesday over at The Dark Room.

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id love to see what SF wud look like if all of the useless white guys of the marina moved away and were replaced by missionites. this city would be a thriving metropolis known for its workforce of men and women that refused to work anywhere but a sweet gourmet coffee parlor or testing games for EA. oh think of all of the public services we could afford when the city generates $30k a year in tax income.

and the diversity! we wud have so many different types of paddy hats and forearm tattoos to celebrate.

one can dream ONE CAN DREAM

It would look way less dooshy, way less like the frat party that will never end, and fyi, the money doesn’t live in the Marina, it lives at the useless white guys’ parents’ house in Danville.

That’s ironic that the Marina doodies get blasted for their never-ending frat party by the Dolores Park Beer and Turntables Preservation Society.

It’s hard to defend the visor and rugby. But the antics of the Mission are just as childish. I mean how many Mission people really think Pumas and PacMan t shirts are non conformist? You think the Latinos can tell you apart?

PS I would guess that all the white shites in the Mission come from place that look A LOT more like Danville than 22nd and Shotwell.

That’s not ironic Alanis Morisette–it’s just a mildly interesting observation.

ok assplug. lets argue about verbiage bc you dont argue about the substance of the “observation”. i dont get the alanis morisette reference. i assume you have to know her lyrics cold for that one. where did u spend the 90s fucker . go back to your job at american apparel and say hi to uncle rico