Emily Heller Kills It on Conan

Emily Heller has always been one of our favorite Bay Area comedians, but last year she moved to New York for the usual “bigger and better things” routine.  The move led to starting a very funny podcast, getting a gig as the warm-up comic for W. Kamau Bell's show, just to name a few. And last month, it all paid off with a killer set on Conan.


If that leaves you craving more, Emily will be at the Punchline for the rest of the week.

[via Emily Heller]

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More Power to Her! She one-wheeled it over the death-box! Chick and CHIX rule. Period. U go. Conan’s ite 2.

Steve Martin said it best “Comedy Is Not Pretty”

you are so fucking basic

How banal of you.


Go emily!

great work emily!

Oh, she is FUNNY! Now to go stalk the podcast, twitter, etc., etc. Thanks for the comedy tip!

This pleases me. A lot. Saw her in SF a while back and laughed a lot. Good to see the local kid making it big!

Nice! Seen her a few times, this is her best yet.

This clip wasn’t that funny IMO.