Lost Weekend Video's New Underground Micro-Cinema "Cinecave" Opens Tonight

So says the SF Bay Guardian:

Exciting news rumbling from beneath Valencia Street's staunchly independent Lost Weekend Video: the micro-theater Cinecave is opening this week with events Thu/29 and Fri/30, after an awesomely successful Kickstarter campaign. The 25-seat screening room, available for members of Lost Weekend's Cineclub (join at the store), boasts real movie theater seats, a brand-new screen, and kickin' sound system.

They have a bunch of cool-sounding stuff planned, including a monthy video-series from the “Midnites for Maniacs” folks.  Plus, they'll be showing a bunch of “lost” films you cannot find on DVD, be shown in a traditional theater, or even rent from the store itself.  So look out for all that.

(And should you care to learn more, SFBG has a bunch more info on the cave.)

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you mean friday the 28th and saturday the 29th? via Lost Weekend website

Oddball has some competition! That’s why I love this neighborhood. Not one but two strange semi-secret film venues.

This is some good news!