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North Side Of Dolores Park to Open June 18th

According to a tipster who wishes to remain anonymous, a firm date of Thursday, June 18th has been set for the reopening of the north side of Dolores Park to the public. The north side of the park was closed on March 1st of last year to allow for extensive renovations.

The announced opening date comes after a lengthy construction process that was delayed by months when workers discovered “excessive ground water” at the site. However, the June opening is in line with more recent pronouncements from the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department of a “June-ish” opening date.

Interestingly, the SF Recreation and Park Department has chosen to celebrate the occasion with a silent disco to be held at 3:00 PM on the 18th (flyer below). There is also an as-of-yet unfinished website,, the purpose of which remains unclear.

[Photo: Nick Acosta]

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Thanks for the scoop.   I wonder how long it’ll take the dogs to tear up the grass?   One of those polls would be fun.

it won’t be the dogs, it will be the fucking entitled trashbags tossing their bottle caps, cig butts and other trash….I really wish they’d wait until after the 4th of July weekend

Oh Contrare.  History is  the dogs tore up the Dolores Park grass before the tech boom. 

Yeah, it may be fun to blame tech for all the problems, but just like the nostalgia for old trash, the dog destroying the grass problem was before snapchap was created.

actually, it was the people with their dogs that organized to clean up the park, the grass got torn up by the bunk drainage that got installed

The dog people were the worst thing that happened to Dolores Park  .  For many years they were able to keep the park mostly to them, by making it a shit filled place with torn up grass.   But slowly, other people began using the park until a critical mass of people were using the park, and a community vibe developed.

 People don’t want to sit on dog’s shit or where your  dog just pissed.   The people of San Francisco just paid 22.5 Million dollars to move the bathroom and redo the grass that the dogs had ruined.

 Hopefully, their will be a culture change and Marcus Santiago and crew will enforce the leash laws with vigor and fortitude.

if you’re going to correct people, it’s: au contraire

In keeping with the new bedroom community feel for the park all “parties” should be silent - you might disturb a billionaire.  

I live a couple blocks away and avoid that place like the plague. It encompasses everything that sucks about San Francisco now.

Any word on when they’ll close the south end of the park for construction?