Hello Precita Park!

This Is Your Last Weekend in Dolores Park Before Renovations Begin

The weather is looking promising for a last hurrah of cheap beer drinking and inching away from terrible rap battles, as next Saturday will see the long-awaited park renovation groundbreaking, followed by a fence going up around the northern half of the park. Here’s the schedule:

9:00 a.m. –  The Dolores Park Volunteers and DPWorks will rake hipster hill on last time before the dust flies. This will be our moment to thank you, the neighbors, merchants, friends and supporters of Dolores. Coffee and pastry from Dolores Park Cafe.

10:00 a.m. - Welcome Remarks and Groundbreaking Ceremony.

We would also expect folks will make a run on the vendors, needing to stockpile an 18-month supply of weed truffles and other artisanal sundries, so you better get there early.

[Dolores Park Works]

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Let’s hope the character of this park doesn’t change, meaning police enforcement of things.  It’s managed to stay about how I remember it since I moved here a decade ago

If Scott Wiener and Phil Ginsburg have anything to say about it, that’s exactly what will happen.

Wiener is constantly trying to control peoples lives with his bullshit morality enforcement, and Ginsburg is doing his best to privatize and sell of San Francisco’s public parks. Luckily the Mission seems to be hip to these to these fucking clowns and will probably shut them down as many times as needed. Of course the best solution is to vote Wiener out ASAP and replace him with someone who respects the will of the voters rather than real estate developer money.

I appreciate some of his concerns, like actually attempting to fix Muni, and being interested in building apartments. But I also disagree with him on social issues fairly frequently.

However, don’t think that bceause I want Dolores Park to stay the same Im not also extremely interested in building the hell out of this city.  It’s just insane to think prices will ever fall otherwise, I mean the no building policy has produced a city with the highest rents anywhere in the country.  I feel like people forget that, or it doesn’t touch them daily, since we all live under the happy umbrella of rent control.  However fresh out of college kids that aren’t programmers literally cannot move here.  The non-tech segment of our city is going to get older and older if we don’t immediatley implement very drastic policies.

I totally agree that we need to build more, I just don’t think we have to accept some uptight freak who wants to treat us all like misbehaving children in order to have that happen. And there is no excuse for the damage that Wiener and Ginsburg have done to our public parks with their emphasis on developing businesses in them while closing them off to the general public and sending in police or the multi million dollar Park Rangers to bully innocent people.

It is illegal to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, sell drugs or litter in the park, how is enforcing the law bullying innocent people?

Scum, The Law is bogus. People like their alcohol, drugs, and litter. American laws are of Puritan descent. We should grow up and be more like a progressive EU city. He should realize that and work for positive change. Wiener is acting like somebody’s daddy.

I’m against litter in Dolores Park, but police enforement of litter laws at Dolores Park would be a waste of time.

and in favor of moderate drugs and alcohol at DB.

Perhaps not “innocent” by the letter of the law, but by keeping said illegal activities fairly confined to the space, low key and communal, I agree that a police bullying should be kept to a minimum in Dolores Park.

I agree in theory, though I think police should be allowed to bully anyone with undercuts, ironic mustaches, and beards.

Today was a good day at Dolores Park.  We are going to miss you.  Dolores Park is named for Miguel Hidalgo (El Grito de Dolores), the father of Mexican independence, and the town of Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Mexico. As a priest in Dolores, it was Hidalgo’s ringing of the town’s church bell and public cry for freedom that sparked the Mexican revolution. A statue of Hidalgo and replica of the church bell at Dolores Hidalgo were erected in the park to honor the father of the Mexican independence movement, and the town where it all began.

And Weiner, don’t try to use the repair of Dolores Park athe the hammer to change the culture of the park.   The middle ground of San Francisco like Dolores Park as is with the culture that exists.

The character of the park is going to change, but it won’t be Wiener’s fault.  Already more drunk kids are crowding into the park each year.   When construction starts and they’re compressed into half the space, it’ll only take a few assholes to ruin the park vibe.  Inevitably someone’s bbq smoke will piss off a neighbor, a stray ball will hit a stranger or someone will bump into someone’s girlfriend and fights will start to erupt.  It’ll only take a few times for this to happen before the larger public starts asking why drinking is even allowed in the park and why the police weren’t there to stop it to begin with.

sounds like a bad movie script.

to no surprise, douchebag visitors totally trashed the park saturday and sunday…..if you are so stupid that you can’t pick up your trash, you shouldn’t come to the park