Initial 3D Renderings of the New Dolores Park Unveiled & Approved

After all those grueling 'community meetings' we suffered through last year about what the future of Dolores Park would look like, the final 3D renderings of the project were approved by the Arts Commission yesterday.  And here it is:

The pathway up from the 18th and Church Muni stop, with the bike polo court and bathroom to the left.

Another view of the bike polo court/bathrooms, looking towards the Castro.

The bike polo court and bathrooms, from Google Earth's point of view.

The underground bathroom up by the playground.

The new handicap-accessible 19th Street entrance.

And the new 20th and Church plaza with more benches and less trees.

No real surprises here; everything looks like the way it was mapped out back in November and we still have until October to enjoy the park as-is before the city brings in the construction crew and tear the place up for 16 months.

And should you want to dive into the plans a little more for whatever reason, the full plan that was presented to the Arts Commission yesterday is up on the renovation website [PDF warning].

[h/t Mission Local]

Comments (10)

Where are all the dudes in speedos in the 18th and church rendering????

Where are the overview pics? All I see is pics of new concrete, and none of the grass it replaced.

is the last rendering supposed to be 20th & church?

These are terrible renderings. It looked like someone’s 13 year old nephew made these in Google Sketchup in exchange for a bag of candy.

And why are the people invisible? Are they the ghosts of the dead Jews who were once buried under the park?

The hipster hill residents of the future will be semi-transparent.


are there actually people who play bike polo? I mean like a significant number to justify a court? not like the couple of lames who do goofy bullshit like tight rope the park and that stick juggling crap.

Handicap is not a term that’s used anymore. In our building code designs we use “Barrier Free”. It encompasses a wider range of people using it, the elderly, strollers…It doesn’t single out people with disabilities either. Very good design, it looks fantastic. Good luck with everything.

Pedantic garbage. This is why your friends think you are annoying.