New Video Shows D'Paris Williams Screaming in Pain, Unable to Walk Following SFPD Beating

We just received additional footage of the scene that unfolded Friday afternoon at Valencia Gardens.  We will update this post as new information comes forward.

UPDATE: KTVU is now reporting that the District Attorney has “discharged the case against Mr. Williams and another man pending further investigation.”

Neighbors, along with the ANSWER SF, are still planning a protest at Valencia Gardens and Mission Station Tuesday at 5pm.

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The low-iq, uneducated, woman who is filming really says it all. This type of video is in no way evidence of police brutality. It is this type of reaction that demeans cases of real police brutality.

you’re making some big assumptions there, Johnny, about someone I gather you don’t know personally. Check yourself.

I’m glad she was out there with a camera, and she kept enough distance to not get drawn into things. It’s unfortunate that others got sucked into it; responsibility on both sides to de-escalate the situation.

Start: Boy with bicycle on sidewalk.
End: Multiple arrests, bloody faces, broken jaws.
Denoument: No charges filed.

We need to see the video - dash cams, housing authority - of the original incident. Justice demands at least that much.

you got things twisted man…. so in your logic because someone speaks unlike you it demeans actual brutality??? i was 14 when the cops cuffed me put me in the back of a patrol car with my friend and made me watch, handcuffed, as they busted the blood vessels in the whites of his eyes for not digging into a sewer grate to grab a gum wrapper he threw out of his pocket when they told him too….i was 16 when a cop thought i shouldn’t be driving my moms car while wearing a red addidas shirt. pulled me over in my own driveway and slammed my leg in the car door only to pull his gun on my mom when she came outside. now i grew up right behind the mission police station and knew alot of cops. some ok guys the rest crooked as they come. when he found out i knew his captain he told me the truth that he thought i was a gang member in a stolen car so he made up the trasffic stop and i quote said “now that i know your on our side i won’t fuck with you cause now i know you” i told him let me the fuck out of this car and no you don’t know me.

so don’t give me shit about real police brutality. if you have ever been the victim of it you know plain and simple that any use of excessive force beyond what police are actually paid to do is brutality no if ands or buts about it.

what an incredible waste of resources and tax dollars .hopefully the poor victim can pull a Rodney King and retire early .The city has a long history of police irregularities , so don’t anticipate anything changing soon .sadly the personality types that that enter the world of law enforcement are those least suited to what the job title requires

@bay area born, thank you for this, stories like this keep me focused. Keep giving them hell and be tongue and cheek all the way.

Clearly Johnny my boy you are blind!

Just noticed the PO standing with his foot on D’Paris’s head/neck at :52. This whole video is so disgusting!

Yeah. I’m still shocked at some of the comments I read over there. I know I shouldn’t be given that much of the trolling is so obvious. But…man. There are a lot of very bitter people around. The lack of compassion is really quite astounding at times.

The trolls on SFGate get paid 10 cents a post from various Koch Brothers astroturf fronts to spout hatred, racism, spurious economics, and support for an all-out fascist police state.

≈ Many SFGate commenters arrived during the 2010 national midterm elections, courtesy of Fox News talking points about Nancy Pelosi and “San Francisco values.” It’s been a right-wing hatefest ever since.

I was banned for commenting on this incident:

Also, tin-foil hats, carefully crafted, can keep out the radio signals that tell you to kill your cats. Check your closet every ten minutes, because I hear the Kochs can come in through there. Under the bed, too. They’re out to getcha.

Ignore that bullshit. Everyone knows SFGate comments are worse than YouTube comments. I can’t wait for the day that the Comical goes out of business for good.

≈ The surveillance camera footage won’t be subpoenaed with all charges dropped. Time for the public to get access to it via sunshine laws.

Evading the police is never a good idea. About 3:40 p.m. Sunday, Officer Gordon Shyy said, officers from the Violence Reduction Team were patrolling the area of Maxwell Court and Rosa Parks Lane and stopped a bicyclist for allegedly riding on the sidewalk, a violation of city law.

Shyy said at least two of the three officers had their badges displayed when they approached the bicyclist, identified as 20-year-old D’Paris Williams of San Francisco. Williams allegedly continued riding despite police commands to stop.

The officers followed him to an apartment on Maxwell Court, where they said Williams resisted their attempts to detain him. After forcing Williams to the ground in front of the residence, “multiple subjects came out of the home and created a hostile situation for the officers,” Shyy said. That is no reason for the actions of the cop in the brown jacket, he needs to be fired.

If you notice they keep telling everyone to back away, but no every idiot even the camera woman keeps her nosy ass all up in there police business….its that simple. The law is written if you approach a police office while arresting a civilian you can be placed under arrest for impeding an investigation….mind your own business and you wont get your ass beat with a night stick….ignorance in the video and the people around. No respect for law or the officers trying to uphold it and protect them.

It seems to me that you have been very lucky in life , as to have never been a victim of an asshole cop with a chip on his shoulder. About 4 years ago I was walking down Mission street going to get some lunch when I saw 3 cops beating the shit out of someone. I was asked to leave which I did but I guess me trying to push thru the crowd that had gathered wasn’t fast enough for them, so the hit me from behind with a night stick and proceeded to beat on me, as I was trying my best to comply. I wound up in the hospital for 5 weeks with multiple broken bones and a fractured scull. I was never charged with a crime just beaten. They said sorry we grabbed the wrong person. I sued them but didn’t even get enough to pay for the medical bills. I was born and raised in San Francisco and am 5th Generation. After I was well enough to travel I left my business and my home and left the state. I will never step foot ban in the city I loved my whole life, because of the crooked cops that have taken over our streets. So don’t preach obey the cops and you’ll be ok, because you won’t always.

Damn, Peter - sorry to hear that. You’re not alone, though, and these Citizen commenters need to realize the that the police are supposed to work for US, not crack heads and ask questions later, like they often do. Many of them live out of town and just come here for the sport of hunting perps. It’s a sick and twisted world we have created. It’s open season on us.

how’s life as a sheep? so in your logic questioning any officer is punishable by getting your skull cracked???? it must be nice to be one of the people not profiled by the sfpd……i grew up around cops, i washed their personal cars…….as soon as i became 18 they treated me like they never knew me. we are not part of them…they look to us as “civilians” and they believe they are above us….if your fine with not questioning that logic of officers we pay to protect us and not harass or subjugate us to being in fear for our lives when ever we are around them than my friend you are part of the problem….closing your eyes to what goes on doesn’t solve issues.

Yes, exactly. Questioning an officer while he is arresting a suspect just might get your skull cracked. Who doesn’t know that?

It is sad that @Realization present the all to frequent pattern of a voice or troll who (shrilly) claim to support the police,but in the same paragraph denigrate the wisdom of the Constitutions of the United States, and the rights it protects,. . Please respect the flag, veterans and rights secured by the Constitution.

Grammar, dude. Grammar.

Its ironic as fuck that the “violence reduction team” are BEATING citizens for expressing rightfull peaceful anger toward police coruption and missuse of power. That pig put hands on him first. And then beat him while he was down. That female undo was also instigating shit, she ran at him and got that other pig riled up. Take both their badges. These videos are disgusting and show why we need to cut back on police spending. Neighborhoods should police themselves, ifficers appointed by te comunity whoes best interests are to uphold order and peace within the comunity.

thank you.

Describe “peaceful anger”. That’s a new one.

And you believe this? That’s why the charges against this guy have been dropped. Big lawsuit on the way.

I remember a few years back when I was falling timber whenever a police officer would whine about his job being so dangerous I’d just scoff and say, “Hell, you’re no even in the top 20 most dangerous jobs in America category. Now a few short years later whenever a cop says he has a dangerous job I say, “Hell, congratulations, you moved up to number 11 in America’s most dangerous jobs category…mostly by shooting each other during no-knock raids at wrong addresses.”

What’s number one?

any more facts on this one? earlier video? statements from the victims?

I will say that this is one the most civilized exchanging of opinions over a very very very serious issue that not only affects Californians, but many individuals nationally and internationally, thank you everyone. This is only one of many, that just happened to get caught on camera, by what I will say is a very courageous, intelligent, and obviously fed up young lady. Johnny this is civic duty 101 son, every citizen in America, I don’t care what your ethnicity, culture, or so called “race” is, every American (unless you are one of those privileged enough to not care, doesn’t affect me and mine, so what, I’ll just say non-helpful and belittling things to assert my dominance and intelligence), should be this bold in moments like this. And really, who goes Harvard Ph.D while being around or capturing something like this? Despite what the pathological powers that be who run this historically pathological country that remains in denial tells you, this is what being American really looks like, sadly its seldom we see this kind of revolution.
I really hope that the tone of voice, adrenaline (fight or flight), and although f-it attitude underlying inner fear of this young woman is not how you came to a conclusion of her intelligence and education level. I even challenge you to look at the history of IQ, its development, and who and where it was applied to, and how it is being viewed today, and then I can look at you as an intelligent contributor to this conversation. Police brutality is very real, discrimination in this country is very real, policies that historically and adversely affect a certain group of people are alive and very real, the individuals that put these policies into place using the very people who are suppose to protect and serve these individuals, but instead use them to invoke fear, (and we know scientifically what happens to anyone who is in a constant state of being characterized by fear), so that they may continue to profit through these policies is very real. We cannot afford to just sit and talk about these issues (this is matter of human rights, we are all humans right?) at our computers and past judgement on one anotther. We need to educate and correct one another in love and unite. As long as we, the people right here right now, disregard and put down people who choose to stand up and say no this is wrong, the evil that many of us want to see rid in this world is forever ahead. I only got on here to see if anyone knows who the young lady who filmed this, I wanted to tell her thank you, I am assuming by the comments no one does. But thank you if you read this and God bless.

@looking for the truth: This young man was attending a Make A Wish event for a terminally ill child who wanted to be Batkid, so it was deemed as The Batkid festival. Many people turned out for the event, including Mr. D’Paris Williams, 20 of Valencia Gardens, where the festival was held. Mr. Williams was heading home on his bike and made it to his door when a few plain clothes police officers began to harass him. He continued to try to get into his home, and then all hell broke loose, resulting in Mr. Williams being brutally and savagely beaten. Afterwards, he was charged with a series of what we can only assume where trumped charges and a bail was set at 143k, hmm… After further investigation and the release of this video, the DA dropped all “charges” against the young man, and now they are claiming that they are looking for someone else, scapegoat to clean up their mess perhaps? I pity whoever that brother will be. That’s the truth do your research. has a very good and objective article on what happened and I encourage you to go from there.

“…[W}hat we can only assume where [sic] trumped charges…” Correct. You assume because you *don’t know*. None of you do. It’s a real one-dimensional mind that shrilly shouts “police brutality” as his first impulse. It’s best to keep calm heads and wait for actual facts. It might be thing to try for once.

Hello Officer.

So basically this entire shitshow started because a guy was riding his bike on a sidewalk? Write the guy a ticket and move on. This whole thing is a huge waste of resources.

Just remember a few things - 1 - those SFPD are all making six figure salaries + pensions and benefits and 2- most of them don’t live in SF so they really don’t give a fuck. For most of them, they see SF as a big joke and are just cashing a check every 2 weeks. Glad the smartphone revolution is around to document this nonsense.

I thought it was unanimously known that San Francisco is a joke, no?

When u get pushed around, unjustly ticketed, shot or yelled at by a SAN FRANCISCO cop we will see how much a joke u think this city is!

I don’t know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else encountering isues wjth your website.
It appears as if some of the written text in your posts are running off the screen. Can someone else please comment
and let me know if this is happening to them too?

This might be a problem with mmy browser because I’ve had this happen previously.

Fucking swines, pigs, oink oink muddafukkaz! Donut anyone? I have been harassed many a time by erectile dyfunctional cheating ass Cougar wife having fat pigs. All I can say is that their mothers are whores…..filthy dirty…..getting handcuffed to the bed while eating cheetos.