Woody Watch: Woody 'Pops-Up' at 14th and South Van Ness

Early riser Zach Perkins just texted in the following report: “Woody Allen fuckin' up my commute.  S Van Ness and 14th.  Block of 14 east of SVN totally closed.”

Screw cars, Woody's filming in the Mission!

Update: Because this is the most exciting thing to happen to the Mission since Dear Mom opened, I grabbed my inhaler and headed over there a little while ago.

The crew was pretty good at letting the villagers get up good and close to take photos, and Allen was even overheard complimenting a few bicycles.  Cate Blanchett and a bunch of other Oscar winners no one cares about were on hand for the scene outside New Central Cafe, in which Cate got out of a taxi with a million suitcases, waited outside an apartment for a person to answer, only to head into the cafe rejected.

Cate's seems to be playing the lead role of a wealthy New York woman who finds herself going broke and moving to San Francisco to stay with her sister, presumably in that very apartment above 14th and South Van Ness.

Crew members on the scene said they'd be filming in the Mission the rest of the day.

Some additional shots:

Here's Woody just staring at the ground during a take.

Finally, this Municyclist was a more interesting sight for one passing cyclist.

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This made me late to work today, ha.

Bunch of flyers on 20th between Mission and Valencia suggest they’ll be filming there between the 15th (tomorrow) and the 22nd.

“Interior” of the apartment is 20th at Lexington - my place! It’s supposed to be Cate’s sister’s apt. (played by Sally Hawkins). Exterior apparently looks too nice, so they used the doorway on 16th/South VanNess.