Woody Allen's Latest Film Starring Louis C.K. and Alec Baldwin to be Set in the Mission


With the recent Woody Allen sightings in the Mission, it's no surprise to hear that he's in town filming a new movie, titled for now as the “Woody Allen Summer Project”. According to the San Jose Mercury News (and why only a San Jose outfit is reporting the news and not one in San Francisco is beyond me), the movie will be shot in a few choice neighborhoods in San Francisco and Marin:

The film crew and cast — which is rumored to include Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Peter Sarsgaard and comedian Louis C.K. — will be set in the Mission, the avenues in the western end of San Francisco, the Marina District and parts of Marin County, according to the commission

The movie is supposedly about some wealthy lady from New York that goes broke and moves to San Francisco to rediscover her purpose in life, fall in love and be quirky. I'm assuming she decided to move to San Francisco because she heard about all the affordable housing in the area and the spacious nature of said “apartments”. What we're most excited about is that we all get to shovel tacos and Tecate in our faces while trying to jump into the background of a Woody Allen film. That and maybe happening upon Louis C.K. looking really, really bummed.

[Pic via Mission Mission]