Dolores Park's New Country Club Appeal to Wow Children, Hipsters, and Geriatrics Alike

Despite all the nasty, excitable shit I've said about the Dolores Park Renovations, there's one change coming to the park I can absolutely get behind: fields of soft, fluffy new grass.  That's not to say I don't love Dolores Park the way it is now, because I do.  But it'll be oh-so-nice to not have to hunt for that lone patch of healthy turf in a park that presently looks like it's been accosted by flamethrowers and generations of dog shit.

Croquet league anyone?

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It won’t last long once the hipsters get to it.

Don’t worry, a year of flamethrowers and dogshit and it will be back to normal.

The new grass is not the same color as the old grass. I demand that there be a series of community meetings held to address this terrible injustice, with city paid soil engineers and chlorophyll experts answering hours of public questions. All further park upgrades should be halted or I’ll sue.