Dolores Park Playground to Re-Open March 31st!

Here's the announcement, by way of the Friends of Dolores Park Playground:

Join Mayor Ed Lee, Supervisor Scott Wiener, San Francisco Recreation and Park Department General Manager Phil Ginsburg, Mrs. Helen Diller, San Francisco Parks Alliance, and Friends of Dolores Park Playground for the grand opening ceremony of the Helen Diller Playground at Mission Dolores Park.

Saturday, March 31st. 2 - 4pm

Refreshments. Music. Fun. Family.

Since there'll be all sorts of politicians there shaking hands and kissing babies for the cameras, they'll doubtfully let us degens sully the place up until nightfall.  But even so, the swings are finally coming back, my friends.

[Photo by Telsar Logistics]

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Noticed some seriously snarky reporting on Dolores Park playground. I don’t expect a ton of professionalism from neighborhood-beat reporters but it sucks to have to read such biased and sarcasm-infused descriptions. Is this an internship for you? Seems like it. Because this is our neighborhood and it means more to us than you imagine to have nice services for our families. Good to keep in mind that typical census numbers do not represent undocumented neighbors. Good to notice the concentration of day cares, preschools, K-12, and afterschool programs located in our neighborhood. I have a one-year old. Along with all of the other parents that I know in the neighborhood, we are really proud of how our city provides services to our families.