Four Loko Now Selling For $20/can on Craigslist

Twenty goddamn dollars a can.  Besides the OMG CAPS LOCK, the dramatic list of 'reviews' and the fact the the poster calls the batch “magical,” my favorite part of this review is how obvious it is that the poster bought the stock at a packie minutes before posting the classified (via the black bodega bag).

For the interested, I'd recommend skipping Craigslist for now, as you can still find it at a bunch of bodegas in the Mission (and likely other neighborhoods).  One store on Capp is selling them for $4/can because “that's what people will pay.”  Another on Folsom is charging $3.25.  However, another on Mission refused to sell his backstock, even after we offered him $8/can, because he was terrified the city would shut down the store if he sold off his stock, so maybe you better act fast.


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really? 20 bucks?

you can buy a decent bottle of actual liquor for less than that. a bottle of Flor de Cana rum is only 12 dollars and it’s really smooth.

there’s plenty of Four Loko in the Sunset. And, there’s it + its imitators south of the border in San Mateo County. Perhaps I should start buying it up and running cases and be all Boardwalk Empire and shit.

Still selling at $2.99/can at Kansas X 23rd next to the hospital on the hill side of the hospital (other side of 101).

They’re doing deals right now- SF came down and last Saturday was the cutoff date.