Whimsical Bullshit

Guerrero/Duboce St KFC Rated 'Best Fried Chicken' in SF


So if Brenda's is French Soul Food, could this 'critically acclaimed' Guerrero St combination KFC/Taco Bell be considered Mexican Soul Food? It's a rhetorical question, smart ass. 

Dear Mom: I Still Love You

I've seen some creepy, stalkerish bathroom grafitti before, but this 1x1.5 ft message scralled in the men's stall at Dear Mom takes the cake. 

Maybe someone took the question posed by the bar's exterior literally, and used the opportunity to express their feelings for their estranged mom? Say 'hi' to your mother for me.

Photo by Mary Bernsen, via Dear Mom's Facebook Page

Mission Pool's New Playground Not Nearly as Cool as Dolores Park's

John checked out the progress at the Mission Playground and Pool renovations and offers up some preliminary thoughts:

So this is the first piece of children's equipment that's popped up here. I think I saw it erected last week.

I generally think it looks ridiculous, hazardous & the type of thing that Homer built in the Simpsons episode where he was a professional artist. Enjoy!


(But, seriously, how is anyone supposed to climb around on that thing?)

Tree Appreciation Day

I was looking for a place to tinkle outside of Delirium last night when I came across this lovely thank you note scribbled on the sidewalk:

I can only assume the cigarette butts and vintage family planner are the Mission's offerings to the gods.

Wintertime in Dolores Park (In Slow Motion)

The video calls these people hipsters, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

Regardless, it's got slow-motion PBR drinking, slow-motion truffle selling, slow-motion dog hugging, and that bird that's been making the rounds.  What fun!

[Video by Patrick Lawler]

A Neighborhood Mourns

I haven't checked out the scene myself (as this photo was sent in), but it seems a small memorial is popping up at the site of the tree swing that was cut down in the prime of its life.

And for those of you who prefer to do their grieving on the internet, Doc Pop has some words and choice pics of the swing in better days.

(Thanks Steph!)

Earth-Loving Activists 'Hack' BofA ATMs to Remind You That BofA Sucks

The folks of the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) ran around San Francisco last night 'hacking' Bank of America's many ATMs into “Automated Truth Machines.”  Here's how:

RAN activists took to the streets of San Francisco and turned every single one of Bank of America's Automated Teller Machines in the city into Automated Truth Machines. Using special non-adhesive stickers that were designed to look exactly like BoA's ATM interface, the activists gave the bank's customers a menu of what their money is being used for, including investment in coal-fired power plants, foreclosure on America's homes, bankrolling climate change, and paying out fat executive bonuses.

It's part of RAN's new tumblr-based “Bankrupting America” campaign, which is full of a lot of neat photoshops and text I didn't read.  But it looks nice, and we can all agree that BofA kinda sucks.

Now, let's hope they figure out how to hack these things for real.

[Link | h/t Haighteration]