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Toxic Beach Seems Like As Good a Place As Any For a Pet Cemetery

Here rests the corpse of Fluffy and San Francisco's industrial spirit.

Dogpatch's Toxic Beach has been going through quite the revival lately.  The city recently built a new park just up the road, all the walls are freshly painted, the notorious waist-high weeds have been cut down to nice grass, a neighbor has planted a flower garden, and now the park is home to a bizarre rock garden that resembles a twisted and terrible pet cemetery.

“Well Billy, if hadn't put your chocolate soy milk bottle in the wrong recycling bin maybe Mr. Barkley wouldn't have died.”

While I'm sure there are no animals actually buried at the reclaimed tire dump, there's nearly a dozen monuments to pets: a dog, lizard, snake, bird, and more than three turtles.

One of Toxic Beach's resident homeless claims a guy shows up “almost everyday” to work on the monuments with the Port Authorities' blessings, but the evidence left behind suggests that this is not the work of a man who obtains permission from various elected, appointed, or paid authorities, but rather goes about his business with Frank Chu-like zeal:

On a slightly unrelated note: while leaving Toxic Beach after taking these snaps, a large and menacing animal control officer stopped my friend and I to ask us if we saw a “large black dog” running around the park, “looking distressed or scared.”  We dismissed this inquiry at the time, but now I can't help but feel that the ghost of Mr. Barkley is roaming the streets of Potrero Hill, looking to punish Billy for his blue bin apathy.

Dog's Commandments

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

In exhibit A we see a commandment which asserts authority over a dog's body, and in exhibit B the conflicting, uncomfortable truth is joyfully brought to bear.

As long as we are brought to shame by our own bodies, we concede control to those who offer forgiveness and redemption at the price of knowledge and exploration.

What lies beyond the sands we know? The ocean is off-limits to the obedient; only those who venture a bath in its salty tides uncover further facets of the many-sided die of life:

tshirt from loops and pluto

Documenting the Painting of ROA's Sea Lions

ROA part III from Spencer Keeton Cunningham on Vimeo.

This recent video documents the recent painting of a trio of three-story-tall sea lions by ROA in the Mission. It shows the softer side of ROA: ROA the fingerpainter, ROA the artist concerned for children's eyes, ROA the artist who is not too busy for the toothless crazy man. A true man of integrity.

Bay to Breakers Beer Bust Burns Bummer Bear

I know B2B was, like, forever ago, but just look at this snap.  Bummer Bear innocently staring into the soul of a random SFPD officer demanding he moisten the ground with his beverage.  The officer playing coy; looking away from the tempting gaze of his newfound big brown animal lover.  At any second, the officer's billy club will be used for the most gratifying of unintended purposes.

What a moment.

[Photo via SeattlePI]